Justin Bieber’s Newest Accessory Is A Pacifier

Before I make fun of him I am going to quickly explain what Bieber had to say about why he is currently using a pacifier. No, it’s not because he is finally admitting to being a brat, he says it is to try and quit smoking. Yup, he is trying to quit smoking by sucking on a pacifier. I mean normal people usually just go cold turkey, chew some gum, use a patch. Justin needs to make a statement about it though.

Listen, I am sorry Bieber but if you are sick of living in a fishbowl and always being photographed. Stop doing weird shit. That simple. If you don’t want people to take pictures of you, don’t walk around barefoot, don’t be a grown man sucking on a fucking pacifier in public. Or simply admit you like the attention.

Know who the only other people I know that use pacifiers other than babies are? Adults that roll on E or Molly. That’s right. This all started when he was in Monaco at some racing event. I am not saying he is on those drugs, I am just saying the only other people I know to do something like this frequent raves.

Of course his fans love it, Beliebers are brainwashed, I am pretty sure that there are subliminal messages laced in some of his tracks. I swear to God though, if Bieber makes this a fashion trend, I am going to move to the moon.

Keep on sucking though Justin, you keep up with that oral fixation that you have.

Justin Bieber Dummy

This is seriously fucking bizarre I can’t even handle it.

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