Rihanna Drops ‘Sledgehammer’ Music Video!

When I first heard this song I wasn’t sure if I was a fan but after listening again, I have decided that I like it. Rihanna can really do no wrong. I know that her latest album didn’t do well but I truly believe that anything Rihanna sings sounds good. Her voice is great.

I genuinely feel like this song is hauntingly beautiful and even though I won’t watch ‘Star Trek’, I will be downloading this song.

Tell me what you think!

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Fifth Harmony Releases Audio For New Single ‘Sledgehammer’

So everyone should know that I am a big fan of Fifth Harmony, probably a bigger fan than any 23 year old should be. I think that they all have incredible voices and I like to think that they had a good future ahead of them. This song is pretty fucking awesome, but if you listen close enough you get to realize what this song is about. This song is about an orgasm.

I have always thought it is hilarious when a younger band, mostly young fans, have a song with dirty ass lyrics. I mean there is one point where they are literally breathing heavily, just like you would if you were having the Big O. It kind of reminds me of B*Witched’s song C’est La Vie from back in the day. That song was dirty as hell. Or remember O-Town’s song Liquid Dreams? Yeah that was even worse.

I am a pretty big fan of this song though, extremely catchy, can’t get much better than that.