Jonah Hill Is Looking Super Fit For The Summer

Damn two time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill is looking damn fine.

I have had a crush on Jonah for a long time but Jonah with a beard and less chub? I am all about it.

Good for Jonah though, seriously. I understand it is probably easier for rich people to lose weight because of personal trainers and chefs, but it is still a tough road no matter what.

Jonah Hill coming in hot for summer of 17.

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Brad Pitt Steps Out Looking Shockingly Thin

It has been a while since Brad Pitt has been spotted out and about. So this past week when he was spotted in Los Angeles, people were pretty surprised by how skinny he looks.

So far there is no statement about Brad’s weight loss but I would guess that it is for a movie.

Here’s to hoping that everything is okay with him!

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