Liam Payne Releases Acoustic Version Of “Strip That Down” – Listen Here!

Personally I think that Liam Payne is getting a lot of hate on his solo debut for no reason. I mean, it isn’t the best song I have ever heard but it is a pop song that is catchy. Sometimes that’s all you need.

At least he can perform and sings clearly, looking at you Zayn.

This acoustic version is really good, it’s refreshing and I think that he just needs to work on finding his own sound. That’s all.

Really though Liam, put out your next single like right now.

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Lorde’s Next Single Is “Perfect Places” – Listen Here!

I have missed Lorde so much. That’s really all that I can say. I have always loved her sound and her lyrics, I even love her insane dance moves.

This song is a very solid one. I know a lot of people complained about “Green Light” not sounding like Lorde, but she is clearly evolving as an artist and we all better get behind it!

“Perfect Places” definitely reminds me of old Lorde though, and it’s good to hear.

Can’t wait for those summer nights with the windows down while blasting this song.

Lorde’s new album Melodrama will be out on June 16th.

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Camila Cabello Announces Debut Solo Album & Song !

Get ready because solo Camila Cabello is coming!

Today Camila took to Instagram to write about her first solo album titled ‘The Hurting The Healing The Loving’. Her first solo song titled “I Have Questions” will drop on May 19th, the same day Liam Payne is dropping his first solo song.

May 19th will be big for former members of bands put together by Simon Cowell, that’s for sure.

The post that Camila wrote though, I don’t know if I fully buy it. She is writing about how she felt so sad and lost and all of that stuff. The way she left Fifth Harmony wasn’t cute, the band put her on blast and it was pretty clear that she did some shady shit. I don’t care what anyone says.

Now she is out there trying to play the victim card, saying she was so sad to be in the group? I am not buying that what so ever. It’s like when Zayn said he quit One Direction because he hated being famous, then decided to be a solo artist, but still says he hates being famous.

Anyway, I am curious to see what Camila sounds like holding a song all on her own instead of simply being a feature. It should be interesting.

Whether or not I think she is shady or not, she definitely has a unique voice.

Check out her statement below. Is it real or just some straight up bullshit?

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Cheat Codes Release “No Promises” Featuring Demi Lovato

Image result for demi lovato and cheat codes

I am praying that this song is a song that will allow Demi  to climb the charts. It has a simple beat, the lyrics are alright, and the guy singing in it isn’t bad either! I mean it is a pretty simple equation that should equal moving up on the charts.

You know how I know I am getting old? I can’t stand how repetitive most songs are now. I can’t knock Cheat Codes or Demi for that though, it’s just how songs are now. Plus I think songs that are supposed to be summer bops are usually like that.

Here’s to hoping this song gets radio play and moves up on ITunes.

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Harry Styles’ First Single “Incredible” Drops April 7th


Everybody it’s happening. Harry Styles is coming out with a new single that will be out on April 7th, so be prepared for Twitter to implode on itself.

Harry wrote a lot of songs for One Direction so it will be interesting to see what sound he decides to go with.

Personally, I can’t wait until all of these former One Direction members are going head to head on the charts, I am excited about it. Plus I can’t wait for all of them to say that One Direction will eventually get back together because we all know it’s a lie.

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Ryan Phillippe Tweets About Current Relationship Status

Image result for ryan phillippe 2017

For the first time in a long time, Ryan Phillippe has opened up about his current relationship status. Usually Ryan is fairly quiet about his personal life but over the weekend he took to Twitter and announced that he is in fact single.

Know what you should do Ryan? You should go and have some fun, come to Boston and we can get some drinks. How about that?

That was probably way too much but I won’t apologize!

So there you have it, one of the guys in Hollywood who I have dubbed a “forever hot” is single for the first time in years.

Let’s see what happens.

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Zayn Teams Up With PartyNextDoor For “Still Got Time”

I am honestly not sure when I even write about Zayn‘s singing career because he will never go on tour and he will never perform live. Okay, go ahead and yell at me about how he has anxiety. I am aware that anxiety is a real issue for a lot of people but maybe he should have chosen a different career.

Last night Zayn released the lyric video for “Still Got Time” with PartyNextDoor. Right now I am feel old because I don’t really know who PartyNextDoor is but I think he dated Kylie Jenner at one point. No clue.

The two teamed up and some are calling it the song of the summer, I am calling it okay. It isn’t too bad. The beat is great! I love the beat! Zayn and Party sound the same which is a little confusing.

For someone who hates being famous, Zayn sure makes sure to stay in the spotlight.

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Watch John Mayer Perform “Love On The Weekend” For The First Time Live!

Related image

I am so damn obsessed with John Mayer and I can’t apologize for it. I mean he is seriously one of the best musicians in the last decade, you can agree with me that is totally fine. Although he has basically always stayed in the acoustic folk type of music, he still finds way to reinvent his music. One thing about him is that he is never boring.

Also, I have a massive crush on John Mayer. I know he is notorious for kind of treating women like shit, it makes no sense. He writes such beautiful music and in his interviews he is hilarious, that smile, and his weird guitar face, I love all of it!

He sounds exactly the same live too, so I have to give him credit for that. I am always impressed when that happens.

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Ryan Phillippe & Paulina Slagter Have Reportedly Broken Up

Getty Images

Well, according to US Weekly, Ryan Phillippe is a single man again. He and his fiancee Paulina Slagter have officially parted ways after being together for 5 years. Ryan, 42, and Paulina, 24 started dating back in 2011, and became engaged last December.

No word on what happened between the couple that was oh so in love not long ago, but there are a lot of assumptions going on.

Considering that they are both extremely attractive, I am sure that they will both bounce back from this and be totally fine.

Real talk though, Ryan only gets better with age, that is something I am completely sure of.

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Alicia Keys’ ‘Fallin’ Went Number One 15 Years Ago Today!

There are certain songs that stick with you. ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys is absolutely one of those songs for me. Alicia Keys is one of the most musically talented women on this planet, that is something that I am absolutely sure of.

Alicia was only 20 when she put this song out. During a time when pop music ruled, Alicia put out a soulful song accompanied by a music video where she wasn’t showing off her body. I am not saying that there is anything wrong it, this was just when Christina and Britney ruled the radio and TRL countdown, and being sexy was their thing.

Since Alicia put out this song she has put out a ton of other hits. ‘No One’, ‘My Boo’, ‘Girl On Fire’, ‘A Woman’s Worth’, and I could keep going on and on. She will also be appearing on this upcoming season of “The Voice” which I am excited to see. Alicia’s voice is out of this world and like I said, she is just talented all around. She sings, plays instruments, and writes her own stuff, you can’t deny talent.

In a world where there seemed to be a million people trying to be the next Britney, thank you for deciding to be the first Alicia.

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