Ansel Elgort Covers Shawn Mendes’ ‘Treat You Better’

I will be the first to admit it, I am obsessed with Ansel Elgort and it’s probably weird because I am quite a few years older than him. I just think that he is absolutely adorable and extremely talented. He will absolutely be one of the biggest names out there in ten years, I say ten because I like to give people time to grow. Obviously Ansel has been in “The Fault in Our Stars” or “Divergent” series, but I think that he has a lot more to give.

Word on the street is that he is going to be releasing some of his own music soon as well! I genuinely like this cover a lot, slowed down, more emotional, pretty amazing.

His first official single ‘Home Alone’ will be out later this month according to his Twitter too!

Let’s go Ansel, you have an extremely bright future ahead of you!

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The Selena Gomez Carpool Karaoke May Be The Best One Yet

Selena Gomez has really grown on me over the past few months and I must say, this version of Carpool Karaoke is absolute gold. James’ voice wasn’t too on point, I think that we have found a singer that he doesn’t sound good singing.

The roller coaster aspect though? How can you not appreciate that they were still singing while on a roller coaster. I love it.

Now do I think that Selena has the best voice? No, absolutely not but she is entertaining. She knows what she is doing, how to play up her personality for the cameras, something that you have to appreciate.

You know, I think my new like for Selena is because she has been clean and sober from Justin Bieber for a few months. If they got back to dating I won’t like her again, that simple.

You go Selena, keep winning people over with that personality!

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You Have To Watch Sean Hayes & Jake Gyllenhaal Sing ‘A Whole New World’

The news has been extremely heavy lately, but this, this is perfection. I was very aware that Sean Hayes could sing but Jake? Well of course he can sing, is there anything that he can’t do? I don’t think so.

This went down during a commercial break at the Tony awards, so I guess it just goes to show that commercial breaks are better than the show, I always had a feeling that was true.

I also hope that this is me and Jake’s wedding song.

I can’t even lie, this is one of my favorite things ever. James Corden just makes it better.

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Rihanna Let’s Fan Sing At Her Concert And Is Shocked By His Voice!


Rihanna is an absolute legend, she has more number ones than any other artist of all time, she is a survivor of domestic abuse, and she has an incredible voice. Say what you will about her music but her voice is really out of this world. She also sings live! Something that a few musicians, I won’t name who, don’t do. So I respect the absolute hell out of that. Plus she is kind of a bad bitch and she just owns it.

Over the weekend she preformed in Cincinnati and while she was singing ‘FourFiveSeconds’ she handed a fan the microphone. Then the fan blew her away! Hell he blew everyone away! Rihanna’s facial expression was hilarious because clearly she wasn’t expecting that!

Good job sir for crushing the vocals and Rihanna, you looked flawless and you’re a queen. The end.

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Allow Demi Lovato To Bless Your Day By Covering Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

(bbc radio)

Just in case anyone forgot this girl can SING! Dear Lord Demi  , you just took me to church! I mean ‘Cool For The Summer’ is a fun summer song and everything, she doesn’t display her vocals too much but holy guacamole Demi absolutely slayed this cover!

I personally love whenever Demi does covers. She is always so freaking good, her ‘Give Me Love’ cover gives me life!

Demi’s voice has matured so much and she absolutely killed it. The depth in her voice and the emotion that she put into the song is absolutely incredible.

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John Legend & Common Perform ‘Glory’ & Brings Everyone To Their Feet

Featured Image

Wow, that is all I can say about this performance. This was easily one of THE moments of the Oscars last night. Common and John Legend put everything that they had into this performance and everyone could see that. They killed it, brought down the house and brought everyone to their feet.

I have no words for how incredible this performance was. I couldn’t find a video but the whole place stood to their feet with tears in their eyes.

I am beyond happy that this song won an Oscar, it deserved it, all the way.

Justin Bieber Sings “Baby” To Young Fan

Am I a Justin Bieber fan? No, I think that he is someone who uses his power for bad rather than good. I will say one thing about him though, he really seems to love his fans. There have been videos for years, since he started of him with his fans. He really take his time with them, so it seems at least. Of course there have been times where there were reports he spit on fans, called them whales, shit like that which makes you think.

Just watch the video and enjoy it because for this little girl her life is now complete in her eyes. She just sang with Justin Bieber, someone she clearly loves.

Do I think Bieber will make a big turn around with his attitude and make a comeback? No, but I do think he will always have fans if he treats them like this.

Leighton Meester Covers Dreams By Fleetwood Mac: You Be The Judge

Have you ever heard someone sing and think that they shouldn’t have been an actor, instead they should have been a singer. Kind of like with say, Jared Leto. He is an incredible actor but in my opinion he is a much better singer, his voice is incredible. That is how I feel about Leighton Meester and that is how I have felt since Country Strong. Her singing in that movie was absolutely incredible. If you haven’t heard, go listen to some of them.

It is really too bad that Leighton got her start on Gossip Girl, yes the show as good for the first four seasons but she needs to get into music. Her voice is just incredible. Go sing your heart out girl because you killed it, in the best way possible of course!

What do you think of her singing?

Pink and Carey Hart Won The Red Carpet As Best Couple At The Grammy’s

ImageSo I have always loved this couple, I have always thought they were perfect and when they almost got that divorce I remember being oh so devastated. Thankfully for fans everywhere they never actually went through with it and instead at going strong and have a kid. This couple has come a long way though, right? I mean if you remember back in the day Carey Hart would never wear a damn suit! He was nothing but a motocross junkie and let’s not even get into Pink. She had well neon pink hair and dressed like a dude, no gorgeous red dresses in site!

Remember back when Pink proposed to him though? Ugh, from that day on I knew they would be prom kind and queen, at least punk rock prom queen. Looking at this photo though I have to pick my fucking jaw from my desk since I am complete awe over how Pink looks in this dress! She has become quiet the fashionista over that past few years and I really love.

Can we be honest, Pink became famous back when Britney and Christina were at the top of their games! Then came along Pink who had a whole new sound and different look. Not many people thought she would last, look at her now. She is nominated for a few Grammy’s tonight and where are they? Britney is obviously sitting at her house eating Cheetos and Christina is crying.

Thank you for looking amazing Pink and Carey thank you for being sexy as fuck. Together I hope you create more little babies and Pink I hope you keep creating incredible songs!

Wait, Jamie Lynn Spears can actually sing?


Zoey 101 can sing, I am not saying she is the best singer in the world but she can fucking sing. I heard she was going to be B.Spear’s new album and I was like ugh, this bitch again. I loved her show Zoey 101 I thought it was hilarious and maybe I got mad at her because she got pregnant and ruined it for everyone. Well now she is coming out with a country album and her single “How Could I Want More” isn’t bad at all, in fact it is pretty good. Now I am now calling her the next Carrie or Taylor but she could deff win a singing competition like The Voice or some shit like that.

I give this girl major props too because she got a lot of shit for getting pregnant young. Hell she inspired the train wreck known as 16 and Pregnant. I felt like people wanted to chase after her with pitchforks and shit. She never really let it get to her tough, at least it seemed that way. Instead she stepped out of the spotlight to be a mother. Good for you Jamie Lynn.

I am being awfully nice today aren’t I? Well here is the song and you should check it out!