Man Crush Monday : Harry Styles

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I can’t even lie, I am very excited for solo Harry Styles. His first song “Sign Of The Times” was definitely a surprise at how great it was.

Listen Directioners before you start yelling at me, I knew that Harry was the main vocalist but I didn’t realize how great his voice was. You all get so angry when you think people are being negative.

Well anyway, now that Harry has tamed his hair a bit and looks like he has taken a few showers, I am definitely about it. Now of course I think Liam is the best looking former One Direction member, I am starting to see Harry in a different light.

Considering his solo album comes out in two weeks, May 12th, and he has announced his first solo world tour, I am about this solo Harry mission.

Happy Monday!

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Thank you @rollingstone

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Selena Gomez Shows Off Super Short Haircut!

Selena Gomez chopped off her hair and I fucking love it!

Short hair don’t care!

I always feel like it is kind of badass if girls can rock a short bob like that, I mean I have one so I am probably bias but whatever.

Keep doing your thing Selena because you’re just getting better and better.

So do you hate it or love it?

I kind of feel like she is channeling her inner Demi Lovato, I know they aren’t friends anymore but still. It’s like matching former friend haircuts.

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Zoe Kravitz Chops Off Her Braids !

Zoe Kravitz is definitely one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot more of her. She is a great actress, she can sing, oh and she’s definitely genetically blessed.

Well today she showed off her haircut and she looks incredible! Not many people can pull of a short pixie but Zoe definitely can.

Check out the photo below!

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Oh shit : part 1

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Oh shit: part 2 #newhair #whodis? @majormoonn @nikkinelms

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I am all about this cut, it is perfect for summer and again, I am pretty sure that Zoe would look good with any haircut.

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Harry Styles Steps Out And Shows Off His Short Hair

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I will admit, I am still not on the whole Harry Styles is the most beautiful man ever train, but I will say that I can appreciate when he looks good. Like these pictures? Hot damn, that’s really all I can say. He actually looks like he has showered, he has his hair all slicked and looking hot. I can appreciate this.

Keep your hair short, and always wear a suit Harry. That is my advice.

Also, when is your solo stuff coming out? I feel like it is going to be straight fire!

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Check Out Harry Styles On The Set Of ‘Dunkirk’

I feel like it is pretty safe to say that Harry Styles is officially doing his own solo thing. He is acting in a Christopher Nolan movie, alongside Tom Hardy, and he signed his own solo recording contract. I mean, all of the signs are there, goodbye One Direction.

I think that the haircut is a very good look on Harry though, I know everyone loved his long hair, but he just kind of looked like he didn’t shower. At least in these photos he has short hair and is dirty, plus he is on set so he is supposed to look a mess.

How do you like the hair though, and are you excited for Harry’s acting career?

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Emma Roberts Chops Off Her Long Locks

ImageLooks like Emma Roberts made the right choice when it comes to chopping off her hair, she looks incredible! The 22 year old actress looks fierce and much more adult like with this cute little haircut. It seems like Roberts is slowly becoming a star on the rise from seeing her in ‘We Are The Millers’ and her character in the new ‘American Horror Story’.

She always plays the bad bitch right? Or the almost bad bitch? That is what it seems like. This shorter hair will make it more believable for sure. She will be able to play any role better!

The thing I don’t understand is why she with Evan Peters, I know a lot of girls love him but I don’t see it. Plus didn’t she punch him in the face once? Or didn’t she allegedly punch him in the face and he called the cops like a little bitch? They probably wont even get married anyway, they will be just like Miley and Liam.

This haircut looks bitchin though and you have come a long way from your Nickelodeon days! Keep up the good work and I look forawrd to see Emma in many more movies to come!