Some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Want Jesse Williams Fired

If you remember late last month Jesse Williams gave a very powerful speech at the BET Awards, and well, now everyone is mad. Well not everyone, just some dumb ass people who watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ and have nothing better to do than start a petition that they think Shonda or anyone at ABC will actually take the time to read.

What are people thinking, I mean really? Honestly Jesse’s character Jackson Avery was pissing me off these last two seasons, so I mean if it was based solely on his character, I could understand that. It isn’t though. It has nothing to do with his performance, it is all about his speech. A speech that he put together about equality, and the systemic racism that is in America.

This specific petition has over 7,000 signatures which I am not surprised about. There are many hateful people in this world.

I promise that this is just making you look back, you meaning whoever created that petition. I feel sorry for you, you have far too much time on your hands.

Shonda did acknowledge this petition in one simple tweet.

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Sara Ramirez Leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After 10 Seasons

Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Last night Callie Torres scrubbed in for the last time and that is absolutely heartbreaking, am I right? There aren’t many original characters left on Grey’s Anatomy, and as a long time viewer I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we hold those long time characters near and dear to our hearts. Callie may have come in during season 2, but again, looking at the cast now she is basically one of the last OG’s of the series.

Callie Torres opened up the doors to a conversation that was interesting. She was a bisexual woman, who fell in love with O’Malley, they got divorced, she then fell in love with Arizona, but also hooked up with Mark Sloan, but her love life wasn’t the only interesting thing about her. The character of Callie was complex, and she was a badass, that simple.

If I was to define Callie Torres she would be a badass surgeon who could run with the boys and a character who had a big heart. That was something that I believe Sara Ramirez did perfectly, showed vulnerability.

Personally I do think that Shonda ruined her character just a little bit in the last few episodes of this past season. She made Callie act totally out of character and be selfish. I will thank Shonda for not killing Callie, I mean that means she could potentially come back for the series finale. She just ruined her character a bit before the send off. The send off, which by the way, was fucking horrible. Callie only had about three lines the entire episode, she deserved much more than that. Again that is my opinion but it seems like Twitter agrees.

Both Shonda and Sara put out statements.

Now let me have my moment while I gently weep that Callie is gone, but celebrate that she wasn’t killed off.

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