Zac Efron Is Looking Hotter Than Ever In Hawaii

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 15

God bless Zac Efron and his perfect body. There is really no story here, I just want to appreciate this man. God knew what he was doing when it came to Efron. I mean, have mercyyyy!

I wish Zac only filmed movies in Hawaii because of all these hot ass shirtless pictures.

Thank you Zac for looking the way that you do, I love you.

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 06

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 01

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 02

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 13

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Justin Bieber Takes Multiple Selfies While Strolling The Beach

Say cheese! On Friday Justin Bieber was caught taking selfie after selfie while on a beach in Hawaii

So over the past few days a ton of pictures of Bieber strolling a Hawaii beach have surfaced and let’s just say, he took a shit ton of selfies. I mean over and over again. No man loves himself more than Bieber does.

Justin was seen strutting around showing off his muscles, and wearing compression capri pant things? Basically homeboy wore leggings to the beach. I don’t understand that move unless he has some more weird tattoos that he is trying to cover up. Although I can’t imagine that because he loves to show off his gross sleeves that don’t make any sense.

I do think that we can all admit one thing, those Calvin advertisements. Well they were doctored certain areas for sure, you can take that however you’d like.

He didn't stop: The 21-year-old Baby hit maker sat shirtless on the shore all by himself

The reclining pose: The Canadian tried to get every angle as he showed off his chest tattoos

More to love: Justin flaunted even mor eof himself after removing his board shorts to reveal a pair of very form-fitting wet-suit leggings

Little hidden here: The 21-year-old Baby crooner showed off all his above-the-waist tattoos

Nick Jonas Flaunts Off His Abs In New Flaunt Magazine Spread

GOD DAMN NICK JONAS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME!! Really though, look at this man, puberty hit Nick Jonas like a fucking truck and I mean that the best possible way. People are saying that this is too sexual, I am calling you a moron because he is clearly just redoing the whole Marky Mark pose from back in the day. If you don’t know what that picture is then I suggest you Google that shit right now.

I am starting to really fall in love with Nick Jonas though, like really, really. Look at him. Those muscles, those little brown eyes, little pouty lips, I am all about it. I actually really like his new music too which I wasn’t expecting at all. Maybe people will realize that he is super talented and he is so good looking.

I want to blow up these pictures and have them forever.

Nick Jonas, so hot. Nick Jonas.

Man Crush Monday: Jason Derulo

Is there anyone that is better at summer bangers than Jason Derulo? I feel like he hides out all year then once summer hits, he releases track after track and they just blow up! From ‘Watcha Say’ to ‘Sky’s The Limit’ to ‘Talk Dirty’ he just knows how to make songs sound good. Know what makes me know they are his songs? He sings his damn name in every one of them so I never have to question it! Making it easy for me to look up instead of typing in random lyrics that I hear praying something pops up.

For me personally I feel like I am a much bigger Jason Derulo fan than what is accepted in society. Everyone says he is good and stuff but they don’t say that he is the greatest. This guy stepped up when Chris Brown fell and took his spot! I will say it! Hell this guy broke his back and didn’t give up! He kept up with everything and is now singing and dancing again.He is in the running for being the next Usher, in my opinion of course.

With that voice, those eyes, and muscles how can you go wrong? He can sing that ‘Will You Marry Me’ song all day and I will always say yes. Jordin Sparks you are a lucky lady, that is all I can say!

Can’t wait for more songs to be released through out the summer. Wiggle, wiggle and don’t you dare stop Jason!


Justin Bieber Posts Nearly Naked Selfie

ImageI have one word for this photo, aggressive. I feel like this is a picture from a low quality porn, maybe a sex tape. I just, I don’t like it what so ever. Of course there will be Beliebers yelling about how this is the greatest picture of all time but come on. Let’s be honest it isn’t. If saw Usher posted this picture, it would be a different story.

A few moments after this picture was taken his old girlfriend Chantel Jeffries posted a picture of them laying down in bed together. If you don’t remember Chantel was in the car right alongside Bieber when he got arrested in Miami. Very peculiar if you ask me.

Maybe he just wanted everyone to see from the point of view that Chantel and Selena have seen him from. Yeah I went there!

I just think this picture is weird and generally creeps me out. Maybe it is because I don’t seem him as a 20 year old man, I see him as a 15 year old kid still. Even though I am not a fan, Beliebers have fun with this picture. If you are under the age of 16 though, cover your eyes and move on.

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Ryan Phillippe Goes Shirtless And Looks Incredible

ImageIn the words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy! Thank you Just Jared for posting a little blog about how good Ryan Phillippe looks. I feel like people have forgotten about him because he hasn’t been in anything for so long but he is so damn good looking. Back in the day if it was between Ryan Phillippe or Freddie Prinze Jr, I would choose Ryan 100 percent of the time. He had that bad boy thing going for him.

Lok at him now though, he is almost 40, maybe even 40 by now but he is looking incredible. Those muscles, that jawline, those tattoos, still a bad boy but also a DILF.

I just don’t have anything more to say about this, so I will just post some pictures and take a moment for myself.


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Man Crush Monday: Channing Tatum


So 22 Jump Street will be coming out soon and that means Channing Tatum will yet again be the hottest guy of the summer. Now I know that a lot of women are either in love with him or think he is gross, I am in love with him. I think that he looks good no matter what. I know sometimes he has a little weight on himself but I don’t care, still perfect. Since Step Up, I have thought he was hot and clearly I have good taste since he later became the Sexiest Man Alive.

Channing isn’t the best actor in the world but he tries, so I give him credit. He has done romantic dramas, comedies, and action movies. Oh and he was also a stripper in real life and in a movie so that was great for everyone involved.

You can Channing my Tatum.

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Looking Good Doesn’t Matter If You Are Leonardo DiCaprio


For years I have been telling my friends that Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer sexy, he isn’t hot, he isn’t god looking anymore. He has lost the thing that made him hot, meaning his looks. They of course would fight me on it saying that he was and still is one of the sexiest guys on this planet. No, no, no, no.

I mean if this picture of anyone else people would be saying how gross he looks with his lil beer belly and his bun. Nope, it is Leonardo DiCaprio so it is sexy! I don’t understand! Can you imagine if this was someone like, Adam Sandler? People would rip him to shreds!

I guess looks don’t matter if you played Jack Dawson, women will love you for life and obviously Leo takes full advantage of that.

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Rita Ora Strips Zac Efron At The MTV Movie Awards


God bless Rita Ora! That is how so many people are feeling right now after Zac Efron won for best shirtless scene. For those of you who don’t know Zac promised that if he was to win the award, he would accept it shirtless. That had to be why he won, right? I mean who would ever put him over Chris Hemsworth, people wanted to see Zac shirtless!

So when Zac went up there he got all shy and went back on his promise. He wasn’t going to take his shirt off so Rita decided to give the crowd what we all wanted. She ripped off Efron’s shirt and the whole world gasped at the same time. Look at how perfect this man is, look at that body. I think he needs to bulk up but then again I think he is perfect. Greek God status right there!

Thank you Rita Ora because we all know Zac wouldn’t actually accept it shirtless. Thank you for ripping that shit right off of his body. You are one of my new favorite people!

Alexander Skarsgard Makes A Sexy Viking In The South Pole

ImageSo the Swedish Gods have spoke and Alexander Skarsgard is beautiful, that is all that really needs to be said about this picture. I mean I don’t find Alexander that hot, I really don’t. I know that is strange to say but in True Blood I find him just a simple “meh” rather than say Joe Manganiello. Seeing this picture though, something about it really gets me going. Maybe because I can’t see his face?

I think that we can all appreciate this man for his height and his body though. He is like six foot five or something and look at that body. Girl look at that body, he works out!

This picture is apparently from his trip to the South Pole that happened recently, maybe not recently, I don’t know. Truth be told I have been hearing about this for a long time and I still have no idea if this trip has even happened. I know at one point him and Prince Harry were planning on racing each other or some shit.

While I sit here and try and figure out if it has happened, you sit back and stare at this Swedish God. You’re welcome.