Alec Baldwin Quits His Public Life In Essay Format


If you want to read the whole essay, it is right here! It is long, just a heads up. Go ahead and enjoy that roller coaster or you can just read my summary, either way works for me!

Listen this is an extremely well written essay by Alec explaining on how he is treated unfairly, at points I actually found myself feeling bad for him. Then I remembered something. He is Alec Fucking Baldwin, he is the guy who told his 13 year old daughter (well then 13 year old daughter) that she was a pig. Do you guys remember that? I do, I remember it because I was roughly that age and disgusted that someone would cal his child that.

Alec Baldwin is one of the bad guys in Hollywood. In this essay he says that Shia is one of the bad guys and guess what, Shia is a fucking nut, but these two are on the same level. Shia just plagiarizes and puts on weird art shows, Alec attacks paparazzi. Although Shia has been known to get into fights here and there.

Like i said previously this is a very well written essay but I feel as though it is more of a persuasive essay than an actual about me essay. He is trying to prove to the world that the media makes him out to be someone he isn’t, guess what, that is what the media does. I didn’t see him complaining when he was making a ton of money on 30 Rock. Now that he has no work lined up, he is setting the record straight? Come on.

Alec Baldwin will probably get work again but I hope that people don’t buy into this feel sorry for me bullshit. You live in a gorgeous apartment in New York City and have more money than I will ever have. I do not pity you, I also do not envy you. Alec Baldwin grow up.

Shia LeBeouf Wears A Paper Bag To A Red Carpet Event


So Shia LeBeouf showed up to his most recent movie premier wearing this, a paper bag, a paper fucking bag. This premier was for his movie about being a sex addict or something. It is that movie where they are having real sex on screen rather than the fake sex like most movies have. I am still convinced that in some movies they are really having sex, that is just me though. Back to the subject of Shia LeDouche!

Shia is the worst kind of celebrity right? He basically decided he didn’t want to be famous after he got caught in a plagiarizing scandal, I don’t know enough about it to talk about it, but that is the basis of it. He then went to skywriting his apology which didn’t get a great response. That was when LeDouche decided he didn’t want to be famous anymore.

Honestly, I don’t understand why he would even do this. If a person wants to make a statement just don’t show up to the events. That simple. He is bringing a lot of publicity to the movie and everything but the writer probably isn’t too pleased with him right? Just making a joke about fucking everything.

I really don’t know who LeDouche thinsk he is either, you were Louis Steven and Sam Whitwicky, you are replaceable, I promise.