Katy Perry Cuts Her Hair Even Shorter!

Remember a few months back when Katy Perry made a somewhat tasteless joke about how the only thing she hadn’t done was shaved her head while having a mental breakdown?

I just have one question, you okay hun?

Today on Instagram Live or Twitter live, something like that, Katy got her hair cut even shorter. She was probably sick of being told she copied Miley Cyrus so she changed it up just a little bit more.

So again I ask, you okay hun?

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Zayn Malik Shaved His Head & Got A Nose Ring!

Well Zayn Malik has pulled the most unoriginal move ever after leaving a boyband. He has shaved his gorgeous locks that everyone loved so much. Also just to prove how much of a rebel he is, he got himself a nose ring! I didn’t even know nose rings were still cool! I thought nose rings and eyebrow rings were out, looks like I was wrong though. Time to go get that shit pierced.

Maybe now Zayn can live his life as a normal 22 year old like he always wanted to! No one will notice him now that he has a shaved head. Bravo Zayn, bravo.

Hey Zayn I have news for you. Justin did it better!