Mandy Moore & Shane West Had A ‘Walk To Remember’ Reunion!

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A few weeks ago Shane West and Mandy Moore were basically doing an AMA on Twitter about what it was like filming ‘A Walk To Remember’ together. Mandy went on to say that she wanted to have a reunion with Shane and the director of the movie, Adam Shankman.

Well it looks like last night that reunion happened! Shane clarified that it was after that Super Bowl of course!

Everyone who follows this blog probably knows how much I love anything that is nostalgic, so I am all about this Instagram post.

Shout out to both Mandy and Shane who have aged like fine wine.

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Mandy Moore & Shane West Remember ‘A Walk To Remember’ 15 Years Later

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Can you even believe that ‘A Walk To Remember’ came out 15 years ago? Well actually, I can believe this. It took me way too long to see it after it came out though. I can remember being younger and thinking it looked too sad and then in high school I finally watched it, and I was right, it’s an extremely sad movie.

The love story between Jamie and Landon was one that was beautifully written and only showed a glimpse of what Nicholas Sparks had in store of us. Although this may be my favorite story he has ever put together.

Mandy and Shane both did a bit of a Twitter AMA too, which was awesome to follow, check out their Twitters if you’re interested.

Here is what they both posted on Instagram though!

I just need a moment to cry.

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