Shakira & Coldplay Team Up At The Global Citizen Festival

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Yes to all of this. That is really all I have to say.

Global Citizen are people who want to learn about and take action on the world’s biggest challenges. Extreme poverty ends with you.

So this whole festival was to help raise money to end extreme poverty and bring together positive thoughts. That’s what I got out of it at least.

All that I know is that I need Shakira and Chris Martin to perform together more. They are adorable on stage together and they just kind of work together. They both have such unique voices but it still works together.

Check out all of their performances together!

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Shakira Releases ‘Me Enamore’ Video – Watch Here!

Music is the universal language of the world.

I know very little Spanish, I can have a very basic conversation in Spanish but that’s as far as it goes. This song though? I don’t care that I can only understand maybe four words, it’s incredible!

Shakira is definitely one of my favorite female vocalists, I also just love her personality. She was really the only reason I watched ‘The Voice’ because she is just fun as hell!

This video is perfect, and she also had a pretty hot costar, her husband Gerard Piqué.

You can find this song and other bops on her album El Dorado which will be out May 26th!

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Shakira Drops New Song “Me Enamoré” -Listen Here

Shakira has been dropping a lot of music his year, and even though I know maybe ten words in Spanish, I have loved every single song.

I know what mojito means though, so I am all about that line.

There is something about music in a different language that even if you can’t understand, you can still appreciate it.

Word on the street is that Shakira is planning a new album along with a world tour. No word if the album will be all in Spanish or English, or a mix of both.

This song is insanely catchy, no matter what language you speak, we can agree on that.

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Prince Royce & Shakira Show Off Their Moves In “Deja Vu” Music Video

Even though I don’t speak one word of Spanish I absolutely love this song.

Music is the universal language, right?

Listen, all I know is that I basically love anything that Shakira does and this is one of my first introductions to Prince Royce. His voice is absolutely beautiful, so I will definitely be checking out more of his music.

Real question though, if I stretch will I be able to move my body like Shakira? No? Okay, thanks.

Shakira does have a new album coming out at some point this year! It could potentially save 2017.

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Prince Royce & Shakira Team Up For “Deja Vu”


Anything that Shakira Shakira does I am here for. It’s really that simple, so the fact that she and Prince Royce teamed up on a super sexy song? I am all about it. I don’t even know what the song says but again, I am about it.

One thing is for sure, we can expect a music video to come out eventually, Shakira teased it on her Twitter account today.

Check out the video below! Let me know what you think about this song because I think it is incredible.

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Shakira Releases New Music Video “Chantaje” Featuring Maluma

Let me be clear, I have no idea what is being said in this song. I mean I seriously don’t know what any of these words mean but I know one thing. This song is pure sex. Yup, it is a sexy song and Maluma is pretty sexy too.

Anything that Shakira touches is gold, that is something I am sure of. Her voice is insanely amazing and you can dance to.

So go and shake your hips to this sexy song, even if you don’t speak Spanish it’s sexy. So go listen!

Really though, I think that I love this Maluma guy.

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Shakira Makes $15 Million Donation To Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Shakira, Shakira! Look at her go and do something incredible with her money. I feel like people forget that Shakira is one of the biggest artists in the world, and her global success defintiely brings her in millions every year. Now I know that rich people donate to charity for tax write offs, everyone knows that. Atl east she is putting her money somewhere good though. I always love to see celebrities and wealthy people put their money towards acts of kindness, even if it is a tax break.

This is quite the donation though, right? Shakira is coming in big with the $15 million donated while Facebook doesn’t even make a profile picture filter to help support the country that has been left in shambles.

Keep being incredible Shakira!

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Ariana Grande Nails Multiple Impressions On Saturday Night Live

So fun fact, Ariana Grande is really good at doing impressions of people. I have to give credit where credit is due. She might not be the most likable celebrity out there but hey, she is good at what she does. She can sing and surprisingly she was an incredibly good host. I have never thought she had much stage presence but homegirl can act. I know she started off an actor, so obviously it makes sense but SNL was great this week with her as host and performer!

I must say her impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence was my absolute favorite. Finally someone, well a whole television show is calling her out for always talking about how relatable she is. Ariana killed her voice too, I didn’t know people had a Jennifer Lawrence impression but I am very happy that Ariana Grande does!

Then of course she pulled out her Britney impression, on point, along with her Celine impression and finally a Whitney impression.

Good job Ariana, you were very likable and hilarious.

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Shakira & Rihanna Release Can’t Remember To Forget You Music Video!

So I am pretty sure that this music video is one of the sexiest videos of all time, I am just saying! I mean you look at this and holy shit, everyone needs to step up their game now. Watching it there is Shakira who is a little hot Colombian fireball, she is wearing next to nothing and is gyrating her hips all over the place. Then there is the Barbadian beauty Rihanna who is the most sexual person of all time thrusting all over the place.

Truthfully this music video makes absolutely no sense what so ever, if you watch this and think it goes along with the lyrics please explain it to me, I have no idea. The reason this music video was made was so men could get off to it and women could question their sexuality. When they are rolling around together on the bed don’t you just kind of tilt your head to the side and wonder if it is wrong you are getting a special little feeling in your special spot? You know what I am saying.

This music video was a bit of a throw back to when Madonna and Britney were dancing against the wall for ‘Me Against The Music’ but it was hotter, just saying.

‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ was made for once reason, and one reason only. Sex sells. This video is sex, so it will sell.

Watch it and enjoy!

Shakira and Rihanna: ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ is Incredible!

ImageWhen I first heard that these two ladies were coming out with a song I was beyond excited, I was so excited for them! I love Shakira, she is the main reason I watched The Voice that one season and Rihanna is a fucking goddess. So yeah, this song is going to be one of the biggest songs of the year. It is so different and amazing. Even the title is amazing, obviously the song doesn’t have much substance but who the fuck cares with these two gorgeous ladies, they sound so good together!

When this music video comes out, be prepared to have the internet blow up from it being so incredible.