Britney Spears Posts Photo For #SexySunday And Reminds Us All Why She’s A Legend

I feel like every once in a while Britney will do something like this, just remind everyone that she is the queen. Britney oozes sex appeal and has done so since she was 17 years old, kind of creepy typing that but it’s true. Since Britney stepped into the spotlight she was basically every mans dream girl and even at 33 it is clear that she is still crushing the game.

People can say whatever they want about Britney, that she isn’t a good singer, no longer has what she once had, but whatever. In reality if Britney was to go on a world tour right now she would sell out every seat in an hour, that is something I would put money on.

So B.Spears you keep on slaying because you are a legend no matter what the haters say!

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