Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Celebrate Their 7th Wedding Anniversary

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I can’t believe that it has been seven years since I wasn’t invited to Carrie Underwood‘s wedding!

Today Carrie took to Instagram to wish her husband a happy anniversary and one thing is for sure, they are still absolutely adorable. Over the course of their marriage they have welcomed a son and when Mike was in the playoffs this past year, Carrie rapped more than I thought she ever would.

Carrie is beautiful, Mike is insanely handsome.

Happy seven years you crazy kids!

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Chad Michael Murray Shares Sweet Selfie With Sarah Roemer

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Let’s be real, Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer are an absolutely adorable couple. I mean just look at them. They are both so dirty blonde and gorgeous, that’s all.

Really, there is absolutely so no story here.

Tonight, Chad posted an adorable selfie with his wife and I melted so I wanted to write about it.

Chad and Sarah are kind of a couple in Hollywood that is definitely doing it right. They do take photos together and post it on social media, but they are also very private. Yes, they announced when they were having their two children, but we still don’t know their children’s names or anything like that.

So they are public enough but also private enough.

Sarah and Chad, doing it right since 2015.

Let’s just take a quick moment to appreciate how good Chad looks in those photos.

Lucas Scott grew up nicely.

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Justin Theroux Posts Sweet Selfie With Jennifer Aniston

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I love Justin and Jen, they are probably in my top ten favorite celebrity couples. They step out when necessary but they aren’t too in our face about their love. The couple will walk red carpets but that is about it.

The couple have been in Paris to support Louis Vuitton’s newest collection and it seems as though the couple have been doing some sight seeing.

Justin even offered a rare glimpse into their relationship.

You could say these two are madly in ‘Lourve’.

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Mariah Carey And Beyonce Had A Moment In New York City

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It seems like Beyonce and Mariah Carey have always been pretty friendly with each other. If you Google photos of them together a ton of them come up and they look pretty natural. Personally I think that Mariah Carey would be a ton of fun to hang out with because she’s just a tiny bit delusional and she can also pound bottles of wine, my kind of girl. So I could see why Beyonce wouldn’t mind spending time with her.

Over the weekend Mariah had a show in New York and it looks like Beyonce came out to show her support.

Mariah posted a photo of the two of them, along with a sweet caption.

See, divas can play nice, sometimes.


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Jennifer Lopez Reminds Us All How Perfect Her Body Is

Casper Smart you are definitely kicking your own ass right now. How dare you cheat on Jennifer Lopez?! I mean really, you will not upgrade from this, I promise. She is 47 years old and her body just continues to get better and better. Go ahead and talk about how she has personal trainers and chefs, whatever though. She is still killing the game.

You go girl, thanks for reminding us all that you are still killing it.

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Zayn Malik Wants To Remind Everyone That He Is Relevant!

Oh hello Zaddy Zayn Malik. Popping up on Instagram with this fire selfie after Niall Horan dropped his first solo track. You ain’t slick Zayn! Just because you were the first to go solo doesn’t mean you can be out here trying to take the spotlight away from angelic Niall!

Now of course Zayn could have just wanted to post a selfie to show off his freshly shaven face to the world, but I don’t see it like that. I see it as him wanting to get into people’s heads. He was the first one to leave One Direction and that’s that! Maybe he doesn’t want Niall to get all the spotlight today?

If you look through his Instagram he rarely posts selfies, he will post pictures from red carpets or photoshoots but never really selfies. It is just interesting timing if you ask me. Even if you didn’t ask me, I am still telling you.

Niall is hot right now Zayn, you are had your moment in your solo hotness but you couldn’t get over your anxiety to perform. Let Niall be.

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Leslie Jones Takes Selfies With Everyone At The Emmys!

Leslie Jones has had a pretty tough year but if you looked at her Twitter last night you wouldn’t have known! Obviously internet bullies have been out in full force against Leslie Jones for no reason. All that she wants to do is make people laugh and live tweet ‘Game Of Thrones’ that is really it.

I am glad that she didn’t let the haters keep her down for too long, she even made a joke about the hacks last night. It is nice to see that she is able to move on from the past and look into the future. Those hackers may have released her photos but Leslie Jones got the last laugh because last night, she took selfies with EVERYONE at the Emmys.

If you think I am kidding, get ready to scroll for five minutes to see all of the famous faces!


Selfie queen.

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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Photo Of Jay Z & Beyonce

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to take a good mirror selfie and your beautiful wife gets in the way? So does Jay Z.

This picture is absolute perfection. Beyonce is standing there, looking beautiful as ever and it looks like she is blocking Jay Z’s chance to take the perfect MySpace like selfie.

It’s clear that he was trying to take a picture of his wife but I mean, you look fly too, you need to get in on that picture somehow.

Jay Z the king of sneaky mirror selfies.

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Justin Bieber Responds To Fight On Instagram

If you haven’t paid attention to the news, yesterday there was a video posted of Bieber from Wednesday night getting to a fight with a giant dude outside of his hotel. It looks like Bieber shoved the man, the man booped him on the head, Bieber swung with a right hook and then he was thrown like a doll onto the ground.

So there’s that. Although he got thrown like a rag doll he didn’t actually get hit in the face, probably because the giant dude knew that Bieber would press charges.

Anyway, Justin’s face and tiny mustache live to see another day.

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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Post Their First Public Selfie

I can’t lie, I kind of hate that this has become news but I have to write about it. I mean the Olsen twins are so interesting. I mean they went from being child super stars to running a billion dollar fashion empire. I just don’t understand it! These two also seem to really hate the spotlight now that they are older. Can’t really blame them considering they had been in front of a camera since they were like six months old.

To be honest I feel like Ashley and Mary Kate, no that feels weird, let me make it right. Mary Kate and Ashley. To be honest, they make me kind of nervous, I feel like they speak in riddles or maybe in a different language only they can understand.

Time to shut down Instagram though, the Olsen twins, the most important siblings in America have posted their first selfie. That is all.

Also this is a total guess but I am going to say Ashley is on the left and Mary Kate is on the right.

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