Margot Robbie & The Weeknd Will Appear On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season Premiere

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Margot Robbie just isn’t fair. Yes, I am saying that her being a real life person isn’t fair. Want to know why? Not only is Margot one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is a great actress, and she is actually really funny. Pick one Margot! It’s not fair if you are both funny and stunning.

Well, Margot is going to be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ on October 1st, and the show will be celebrating it’s 42 year on television.

Margot is going to absolutely kill it as a host, that is something I am sure of. Watch any of her interviews and you’ll see how funny she is.

To add to it, The Weeknd, who is coming out with an album soon will be the music guest. I mean this lineup of performer and host is pretty stacked if you ask me.

So tune in October 1st, should be a great show!

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