Scott Van Pelt Opens Up About Lamar Odom On ESPN

I just have to say one thing, wow. I mean I follow celebrity gossip, obviously, but I did actually know about Lamar Odom before the whole Kardashian marriage. I find this video very important. Most news outlets are trying to make this, Lamar being unconscious about the Kardashians and that isn’t fair. This man was a hard working basketball player with two children, and now he is fighting for his life.

Well done ESPN and well done SVP for bringing this up. This is about Lamar a man who worked his ass off to get into the NBA and struggled to find himself after he left the game.

I also wanted to share out this tweet from Magic Johnson, I found it pretty incredible how much character Lamar had.

Every year Lamar Odom was with the Lakers, he would buy the rookies their first 2-3 custom suits, that’s what type of guy he is.

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