Usher Flies To Panama To Talk Some Sense Into Justin Bieber


This picture was taken earlier today which begs the question if everyone is going to be plying down to Panama to try and stop the train-wreck known as Justin Bieber. I mean Usher was his mentor at one point an I think that he can see the path that Bieber is heading down. Usher has been in the spotlight since he was like 14 years old and he has never been in trouble like that. He was just known for sleeping with a lot of girls rather than getting his hands dirty with drugs and shit like that.

It is also said that Scooter is down there too so they are trying to do some serious work when it comes to fixing Bieber’s image. Obviously something is going down right? It wouldn’t surprise me if his mom flew down there too. People are throwing around the word intervention but I don’t see that happening. I can see them talking and shit but I doubt that Bieber will go to rehab for this.

I just hope that people stop blaming the fact he has a lot of attention and eyes on him at all times, shut the fuck up. He gets as much attention as say Miley Crus does and yes she acts wild but guess what. You don’t see her speeding around driving drunk and everything. Sure she smokes weed but you only hear about her dancing is provocative and her clothing is risque, that is is.

Maybe Bieber’s team finally realized that it is time to stop blaming it on the media and start taking responsibility or at least try and make Bieber feel responsible for his actions.

Cops Are Raiding Justin Bieber’s House!


8:26 AM PT — Deputies are detaining Justin in his garage right now while they search.  We’re told they are also looking for surveillance video from Justin’s house that might capture the egging incident.
Eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars descended on Justin Bieber‘s house a few minutes ago and they are executing a search warrant in connection with the egg-throwing incident … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.
Sources tell us … deputies are looking for any evidence that links Bieber to the egg assault on his next door neighbor.
We’re told this is a FELONY search warrant — meaning Justin is under a microscope for a crime that could land him in prison.
Sources say cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video.  Sheriff’s deputies have looked at TMZ’s video of the incident and want to see if someone inside Justin’s house videotaped the incident as well.
By the way … looking for other eggs may sound silly, but it isn’t.  There could be some sort of identifier that links what’s in Justin’s fridge to the broken eggs outside.
Here’s the thing … If in the course of the search cops find something illegal — like drugs — it’s fair game.
We’re told there’s a battering ram at the scene

So there is a part of me that kind of feels bad for Justin Bieber right now, I mean everyone has thrown an egg or two in their life. Although usually when people do that it is on Halloween and they are like 13. It doesn’t usually happen on an idle Friday night when you are a 19 year old global superstar that is starting to have a really bad track record.
Why cause more trouble when you know that the cops have their eyes on you? Stay under the radar for a little bit, damn.
Also if Bieber spit in my face I would have it out for him too, calling the cops about throwing eggs would for sure be my first move of attack. Can you imagine Beiber right now though? He is sitting in his garage crying while they go through all of his shit. I think of it like when Justin Timberlake got Punk’d, that kind of reaction, tears for days. Not so tough now are ya Biebs?
I am going to say that if this behavior keeps up and I going to guess that Bieber will be in rehab by 21 and trying to make a comeback by 22, I know that is in two years but he is going down a slippery slope. This ain’t cute kid, time to grow up a bit. I am so sick of his mentors and management saying that he is just a kid, how would you act if there was a camera on you at all times. Uh Justin Timberlake turned out fine, Usher turned out fine, Ryan Gosling turned out fine, Leonardo DiCaprio fucks super models and is changing the environment. Find a new line to say Bieber PR team because right now, this isn’t a good look for him.
I can’t wait for his tweet tonight saying he is going to focus on the positives in life and not the negatives, some shit like that which he always pulls. Also, the cops will definitely find weed right? I mean he has to have a ton of it.
ps: Selena Gomez, run far, far away!