Are ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Ronnie & Sammi Back Together?

I never realized how badly I needed this couple back together until this very moment. In case you lived under a rock from 2009-2012, Ronnie and Sammi were on the absolute hit show ‘Jersey Shore’. Their rocky relationship played out on the small screen every Thursday night for the world to watch and wonder, would Sammi cry over Ron this episode. Just so you know, the answer was almost always yes.

These two apparently broke up somewhere at the start of 2015, they have both maintained a very low profile since ‘Jersey Shore’ ended. Unlike their other costars neither of them joined another reality show or anything. They both made appearences on ‘Snooki & JWoww’ but that’s about it.

Why do I think they are back on you ask? Well Sammi posted a picture from her birthday part over the weekend and look who is sitting right next to her. RAHN!
Maybe now that both of these guys are pushing 30 they have finally decided to grow up a little bit and stop fighting.

Seriously though, they were both abusive towards each other and I can only pray that they were able to grow up from that time in their life.

Thank you two for bringing, “Ron Ron juice”, “Rahn stop”, and the term “smushed” into our lives. Not really, but it was all entertainment to us.

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