Word On The Street Is That Zac Efron Is Single Again!

Well it looks like Zac has either decided to become absolutely private about his love life, or he is a single man again. I am hoping for the whole single thing. I mean my chances of meeting and falling in love with Zac are 1 in about 6 billion but there is still a chance!

Zac took to Instagram and deleted all of their photos together then went on to unfollow her. If you ask me, that is a way of social media breakup. As for Sam she still has all of their pictures up and  continues to follow him because she still thinks she is a model, but obviously needs Zac to contain her followers.

Zac is about to embark one of the busiest years of his career so there’s no time for love! Unless he wants to date me, then there is plenty of time for love.

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