Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Are Totally Dating

After the video came out there were rumors that Brit and Sam were dating. He posted this picture on his Instagram but then quickly deleted it. It was shady and weird but whatever.

Britney and Sam met while filming the “Slumber Party” music video and apparently sparks flew on set. In the video Sam was supposed to be the human representation of Satan or some shit, but I couldn’t really pick up on any of that since I was just staring at his beautiful features. Those eyes, that stubble, and that jawline, is there anything better?

The two have yet to confirm that they are dating but let’s be real. They are dating.

Get it girl.

TMZ caught the couple getting some BBQ yesterday and according to their sources, the couple is serious.

If that wasn’t enough, Sam shared a photo of the two in bed on Christmas Eve.

Again, get it girl.

Oh and how adorable is this? He even holds her purse!

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Man Crush Monday: Sam Hunt

I think that everyone can agree that this summer is going to be Sam Hunt’s summer. He does this weird sing/talk thing in his music and I am all about it. I usually hate that stuff but hey, Sam Hunt knows how to work it! Really though, he is such a babe! That jawline, those eyes, that voice, you just can’t go wrong with him.

Everyone is jamming out to his music and all the girls I know are in love with him, so he is doing something right for sure. That is something we can all agree on! Soon enough he will be the next Luke Bryan and run the country world. Alright that is a bit of a jump, but I can see why people love his music, it is different for sure.

I think it is time for me to move down south and find me a man like Sam Hunt, a nice southern sing talker that will write songs about me.

Happy Monday!