Kanye West Cancels His Saint Pablo Tour


After Kanye’s major meltdown the other night where he called out Jay Z and Beyonce, he has announced that he has cancelled the rest of his tour. I have said it once I will say it again, extremely talented but also extremely problematic.

He has yet to make a statement about cancelling the tour but there were 21 dates left and it seems like Kanye couldn’t hold it together.

Personally, I can’t wait for him to vent about why he cancelled the tour because you know there will be something in there about people not respecting art. He will talk about how he is the Picasso of music and we don’t understand his art. I promise you, there will be something of that nature in his rant.

The spokesperson who made the statement promised full refunds to everyone who bought tickets.

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Kanye West Goes On Rant About Jay Z & Beyonce Then Walks Off Stage

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If you’ve ever wanted to see a 39 year old man have a tempter tantrum. Here you go!

Last night Kanye West went off on a rant about Jay Z and Beyonce, but that wasn’t even the start of the night. Kanye reportedly showed for his concert 90 minutes late, people waited around for this asshole for 90 minutes before he performed two songs, went on a rant about Jay and Bey, then walked off stage. Yup, that was his entire concert.

Listen, I understand that Kanye West is a talented artist. I will never take that away from him. He has put together some of the best rap beats and lyrics I have ever heard, but he is too fucking problematic. People are over it. For the past couple of years Kanye likes to just rant about fucking everything and anything.

After this rant, I kind of feel like the Illuminati is breaking up and it’s sad. One of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time, breaking up right in front of our eyes.

Really though, Kanye saying that Jay has killers? Hm, that is a serious thing to say. Maybe he isn’t calling you back because now you support Trump and shit.

For the record, Kanye fans aren’t very happy after this show. They ended up chanting “Fuck Kanye” once he walked off stage and are now demanding refunds.

A fan also went into detail about what else happened that wasn’t filmed.

Tell em boy bye.

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