The S Club 7 Reunion Happened Last Night And It was Perfect!

Last night S Club 7 made their big reunion for the first time in nearly twelve years for a benefit concert benefiting Children in Need in England and it was magical! Watching this made me want to go to one of their concerts, find their old show on YouTube and watch the shit out of it. I never realized how much I loved S Club 7 until this very moment. No that is probably a lie, I used to have their dolls, yup I had a Paul and a Bradley doll because they were babes back in the day.

Reading some comments people are saying that the singing was a little rough, well no shit it was rough, they haven’t really sang for a solid ten years! Plus Jo is always carrying them, so maybe her throat was a little sore from being fucking awesome. You ever think of that?!

These guys have to do a reunion tour of some kind, right? I mean they would be absolutely crazy not to do something. Maybe without Paul since he dismantled the band to begin with. Everyone else should be involved in a reunion  though.

So after seeing their first performance in so long I must say that Bradley is still my favorite, I mean he can just belt it out, there was a reason he was the lead male vocalist. Not enough shots of Hannah though, she was always awesome. Jo, enough for the eyebrows, they weren’t moving. I also don’t think that Rachel or Tina have aged since. As for Jon and Paul, you two have disappointed me.

Can’t lie though I had a stupid smile on my face watching these guys and girls run around on the stage singing and dancing. Plus I knew every word and you have to love that!

S Club 7 Is Reuniting For An Amazing Cause!

There ain’t no party like an S Club party! Ain’t that the truth. It has been a solid decade since this group has performed together and now, now they are back! At least for one performance but if they are smart they will do a little bit of a world tour thing and make a shit ton of money. People can say that they weren’t big enough to make a come back like that but those people are wrong. For those of you who don’t know S Club 7 not only had an extremely popular show but also music, dolls, and merchandise up the ying yang. Let’s put it this way they had dolls and Backstreet Boys never had dolls. (I am still bitter about that but that isn’t the point).

So this insanely incredible reunion will take place on November 14th for the BBC Children In Need Benefit show. It is going to be out of those world. Obviously I will not be able to fly over seas and attend this incredible reunion but don’t you worry, I will youtube the absolute shit out of it the next day. Watch the performance from every single video, so ready for this to happen.

Let’s just reminisce and pray that these are some of the songs that they will play, considering they are probably their most important songs.

5. Don’t Stop Moving

How can you not love this song? Just makes you feel so damn good, don’t stop moving. They just want you to dance, doesn’t matter if you are good or bad, just don’t stop moving. That is the most important message of this song. Plus Bradley straight up killing it with those moves.
4. Two In A Million

Talk about a perfect song, this needs to be my wedding song. It doesn’t matter, it needs to happen. Jo had the voice of a badass angel. I think we can all agree that she carried the group, the others could all just harmonize with her incredible voice.
3. Bring It All Back

Listen I love this song, so so much. I just couldn’t put it ahead of the two other ones. This song is pretty empowering though right? Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top. Yeah that is something I think of whenever I feel down about myself. I need that just tattooed all over my body, just in case I forget those words of wisdom. I will tell you, if you are ever sad, think of this song and you will no longer be sad.
2. Never Had A Dream Come True

Fun fact about this song, I had my first kiss to this song. I was at a rollerskating rink, attempting to skate with the kid named Anthony that I met at DARE camp and he kissed me. So romantic. Also being 23 I once got slightly inebriated and straight up ugly cried to this song, try it sometime, it is therapeutic.
1. S Club Party

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!?! That is how this song feels to me, just a straight up club anthem. I promise if DJs would play this now, people would go crazy. I promise you.
Tina: Dance ✔
Jon: Romance ✔
Paul: On floor ✔
Hannah: Screaming out for more ✔
Bradley: Swing ✔
Rachel: Doing her thing ✔
Jo: Flow ✔

Also whoever put the line “hoochie mommas show ya nana’s” that was aggressive and I like it.