Reese Witherspoon Posts Photo With Look-Alike Daughter Ava

So I am like 90% sure that Reese was cloned and that is how Ava Phillippe was born.

Ava is of course the daughter of well, Reese and Ryan. It looks like Reese’s genes won here, which is fine because their son Deacon looks exactly like Ryan.

I have genuinely never seen a mother and daughter that look this might alike, it is absolutely insane. The only thing that is different is probably the chin, Ava has a more rounded chin, but still absolutely gorgeous!

No story here, just in shock that these two look so much alike and I wanted the rest of the world to witness it.

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Ryan Phillippe Is Reportedly Engaged

It was a romantic Christmas for Ryan Phillippe.

The 41-year-old actor proposed to his girlfriend of over four years, Paulina Slagter, over the holidays, according to People and E! News.

Phillippe last starred in ABC’s Secrets and Lies. Slagter is a Stanford Law School student.

“She’s awesome,” Phillippe told Howard Stern earlier this year. “When people see her they have these judgments because she could be a model but she’s about to graduate Stanford Law. Also what’s great about it — as you get older certain issues become more important to you. I’m very involved in civil rights issues, and so to be with a woman who could actually make an impact in the legal realm — that’s a beautiful thing.”

Page Six first reported the engagement. (credit)

Well shit. That is how I feel about this. Not like I had any shot at all with Ryan Phillippe but I liked to believe that I did! Is that so wrong? Ryan is by far one of the hottest men in Hollywood and one of the most underrated hot men too. You can take your Bradley Cooper and your Ryan Gosling, I will take Ryan Phillippe any day!

This is not about how I think Ryan is underrated though, an article that will happen very soon just so you know, it is about his engagement. Every since Ryan and Reese broke up (still hurts a little, right?) he has dated a handful of celebrities. He has been linked with Abbie Cornish, Alexis Knapp whom he had a child with, Amanda Seyfried, and Ashley Greene to name a few. Looks like he found love with a law student though, so that is adorable.

Congrats to the happy couple though!

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Man Crush Monday: Ryan Phillippe

Whenever I think of Ryan Phillippe I think of him as a fine glass of wine because let’s be honest, he just keeps getting better with age. I mean back in his Cruel Intentions days he was hot, he was a certified babe but now, now he is just straight up gorgeous. I like to think that he and Justin Timberlake looked a lot alike back in the day, but Ryan aged much better than Justin. Yeah, I said it.

You know I am a big Reese fan and everyone is aware that there were reports that he was cheating on her during the set of Stop-Loss, which were most likely true since he ended up dating his co-star Abbie Cornish but look at him, so hot. He has been linked to a bunch of different celebrities since his high profile break up but he always remains quiet about his personal life.

With his blue eyes, curly hair, and those pouty lips he deserves a spot right on the top of sexiest men ever list. His new show Secrets and Lies looks like it will be a good one too!

Happy Monday!

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Ryan Phillippe Goes Shirtless And Looks Incredible

ImageIn the words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy! Thank you Just Jared for posting a little blog about how good Ryan Phillippe looks. I feel like people have forgotten about him because he hasn’t been in anything for so long but he is so damn good looking. Back in the day if it was between Ryan Phillippe or Freddie Prinze Jr, I would choose Ryan 100 percent of the time. He had that bad boy thing going for him.

Lok at him now though, he is almost 40, maybe even 40 by now but he is looking incredible. Those muscles, that jawline, those tattoos, still a bad boy but also a DILF.

I just don’t have anything more to say about this, so I will just post some pictures and take a moment for myself.


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Ryan Phillippe Gives Lap Dance To Luckiest Woman Alive

ImageSo you know what, I think that we can all agree that in the 90’s the two hottest actors, well young actors wee Freddie Prinze Jr and Mr. Ryan Phillippe. Ryan was a bit of a bad boy though, he always had an edge about him that made him so so sexy. Now being 40 years old want to know something? Ryan Phillippe is still fucking gorgeous, just look at that picture. Look at that mans muscles! I always thought him and Justin Timberlake looked alike but he aged much better than Justin did.

Apparently this woman is Robin Quivers but I would like to call her the luckiest woman alive for a few different reasons. Number 1, she got a lap dance from Ryan Phillippe, I would pay good money for that. By good money I mean a few thousand dollars if I had it. Number 2 she is also one of the only people Howard Stern wont make fun of. That is a big deal, right?

This all went down at Howard Stern;s birthday party too, I kind of wish that Ryan was giving a lap dance to Howard though, that would be priceless.

Anyway, keep looking amazing Ryan Phillippe and keep doing whatever you are doing because obviously it is  really working for you. Like a fine glass of wine you only get better with age.