Remember Ryan Knight After His Final Appearance On The Challenge

Right around Thanksgiving, just after the news of Diem Brown passing away, Ryan Knight, better known as Knight also passed away. The way he died isn’t important, it is important to remember the way that he lived and how he will be remembered on MTV for the rest of eternity.

Knight was one of those cast members that a lot of people either loved or hated, he spoke his mind and wouldn’t take shit from anyone. Personally, I loved him. I loved that he wasn’t politically correct, I loved that he would stand up for what he believed in, I mostly loved that he was the one to smack Frank. For those of you who don’t remember it was during a reunion and a clip of Frank bashing Knight’s ex-girlfriend Jemmye, Knight stood right up and gave the dude a smack.

So last night was his final appearance ever on MTV which really breaks my heart. I feel as though Knight’s death wasn’t as talked about as Diem’s was which again isn’t fair in my opinion. Both of the players always played their hearts out and seemed to be good friends off of the show.

Seeing Knight sitting with Zach telling him to throw anyone in against him was a big thing for Knight to say. He was a competitor that was for sure. He may not have been the best, or went to a final, but he still gave it all that he had which showed true character.

There was a tweet that Cara Marie sent out after the passing of Knight which I will never forget. She said “his heart was bigger than his horns.” That was something that really stuck out to me. Although he was known for causing trouble he did have a great heart. Jemmye his ex-girlfriend also stated that she was going to end her MTV career (Challenge wise at least) now since she started it with Knight, she should end it with Knight.

After following his story closely on “Real World Back to New Orleans” and then seeing him on his many seasons of The Challenge, he will be missed. His raw humor, his honesty, and that gap tooth smile.

As I stated before in the piece about Diem Brown (its here if you are interested you feel like you know these competitors. You watch them for years on your television and feel as though you see a real side of them. Watching these upcoming challenges without Diem and Knight will suck since they brought so much light to these challenges.

Knight I hope you have found your peace and those around you have as well. Thanks for all of the laughs.