Russell Wilson and Ciara Are Going to Hold Off on Sex ”Until the Deal Is Sealed”

I am confused. Now listen I think it is great that these two are being so open about the two of them not having sex. I don’t understand but awesome that Russell isn’t pressuring Ciara to have sex, or Ciara pressuring Russell. I just don’t understand why this is such a big deal. It isn’t like they haven’t had sex before. Neither of them are wearing purity rings, so does it count?

I have heard a ton of celebrities, more so young popstars saying that they would hold onto their virginity until marriage, that’s all good and well but then they break that promise. Are these two born again virgins? I don’t think that is a thing but it seems like that is what they are going for. I think that Russell is a born again Christian so maybe that was a way for him to wash away the fact that he has been divorced. I don’t know.

I still don’t think that it works and I don’t think it should be some big deal. Ciara has a child so she isn’t a virgin again, good for her for making a guy wait, but why do you need to go and tell everyone about it. Ciara’s sex life shouldn’t be a pawn for the media to use.

For the record this couple has only been together for like five months, I am going to guess they will be engaged by the end of September! Putting money on it!