*NSYNC Denies Those Reunion Rumors

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Yesterday the internet exploded because Lance Bass said that *NSYNC was definitely getting back together to celebrate their 20th anniversary. He also added that they would be back together to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then went on to talk about how the group had a hilarious group text with each other.

Know when I will believe that there will actually be an *NSYNC reunion? When Justin Timberlake says that there will be one because that’s clearly who they are waiting for. Lance has been waiting for years for this reunion to happen. No one wants this reunion to happen more than Lance, that’s something I am very sure of.

The only thing that is actually happening is their Christmas album is going to be put on vinyl for it’s 20th anniversary. That’s the only thing that was confirmed.

The band’s official Twitter account and Joey Fatone took to social media to clear up the mess Lance made.

Sorry *NSYNC fans, you can still switch and become a BSB  fan since they are still touring and doing the damn thing.

Again, don’t believe anything until you hear that JT is down for a reunion because until then, there will be nothing.

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Michael B Jordan Responds To Gay Rumors

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Apparently there have been some rumors going around about Michael B Jordan being gay, I haven’t really heard of them but online someone is trying to spread those rumors. So he decided that he wanted to clear the air.

Now, I mean I feel like if you have a gay rumor spread about you, it basically means that you’ve made it. Everyone has had these rumors spread about them. Personally I think everyone is a little gay, just a little bit.

Even though Michael said that he was taking the high road, he still needed to make a comment about it. Clear the air.

So here is what he had to say! He said it on Snapchat but luckily someone captured it to Instagram!


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Hayden Panettiere Shuts Down Rumors After Being Seen Without Her Ring

Missing rings don’t mean the end of relationships. Blessed to be with my beautiful family 🙏

Yesterday Hayden was spotted walking around New York City without her engagement ring and people immediately began to speculate. It is been known that Hayden has been in and out of treatment for postpartum  depression for the past year or so. She has been open about it and I truly applaud her for deciding to put her mental health first.

So of course, what do people do when they see her out for the first time? The first time since coming out of treatment?

They shove cameras in her face and start to speculate about her relationship with her partner Wladimir Klitschko, saying that they are definitely over and all of that fun stuff. What a great way to be welcomed back into society.

Well, Hayden took to Twitter and posted this adorable family photo to let everyone know that just because she didn’t have a ring on, well it didn’t really mean anything.

You go girl! Keep doing you and I can’t wait to see the power and presence you bring to the new season of ‘Nashville’!

Also, can we talk about how good Hayden looks in that picture ? Damn girl.

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Katy Perry Calls Orlando Bloom Cheating Rumors A ‘Conspiracy’ And Selena Gomez Responds

So unless you live under a rock, or you don’t care for celebrity gossip, Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez were caught obviously getting very cozy at a Vegas nightclub. I mean the photos are very incriminating and don’t make Orlando or Selena look very good.

It looks like Katy is standing by her man though and say that those photos were nothing but a conspiracy. I mean I don’t think she understands what a conspiracy when she used the word. She tweeted that Orlando is out there changing the world, not chasing Selena Gomez around Vegas, but again the pictures don’t lie.

Selena did respond to this tweet by the way.

I am guessing that Selena was probably thinking, thank the fucking Lord Katy said something so I dno’t look bad. She has kept her image fairly clean during the years. Even with the rumors of her drinking habits and everything, she has managed to be a sweet girl who sings about having sex. Yup, that is what America has created with Selena.

So what do you think of this? I need to know because I think Katy is going to end up looking kind of stupid here but I guess forgiveness is a powerful thing to posses and I do not posses it.

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Jake Miller Looks Dapper On The 2016 IHeart Music Awards Red Carpet

In case you didn’t know this, Jake Miller is the next big thing in music, I am telling you this right now. I mean he is obviously extremely good looking but with his talent I am going to say that he will be on the airwaves this summer. This summer I am almost positive that he will come out big.

I don’t know what song will explode but I am hoping that it is his song ‘Rumors’, by far one of his best songs if you ask me.

He is potentially the rap Zac Efron, feel me? No? Whatever, I don’t even care. He is hot and is incredible talented, what more could you want?

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Foo Fighters Respond To Break Up Rumors In The Best Way

So I am pretty sure that as a whole the Foo Fighters are the funniest band out there. I can remember as a kid watching their videos, mostly the ‘Learn to Fly’ video and thinking they were the funniest people in the world. If you don’t remember the video I highly recommend that you go back and check it out.

Dave Grohl has recently been on the Grammys and also on the Oscars as a solo act, his band wasn’t around him, it was simply him. So of course breakup rumors started to swirl around the internet.

So the band decided to put out a video to set the record straight.

I thank you and Nick Lachey thanks you for this video.

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