Are Odell Beckham Jr And Drake Roommates?


ESPN- Odell Beckham Jr. has a roommate even more famous than he is. The New York Giants’ star wide receiver is currently living with Drake, he revealed in a conversation with UFC star Ronda Rousey on DraftKings TV. “That’s my guy right there,” Beckham said of Drake. “Somebody whose mindset is the same as yours, and they want nothing but success, they want to be the best. We just click on a level like that.” Beckham went on to say he’s staying at Drake’s house while Drake finishes his new album, slated to come out later this month. “He needs to chill out with that house that he’s got out there, there’s just too much going on,” Beckham said. The Giants are scheduled to begin their offseason workout program Monday.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean obviously Drake and Odell are some of the hottest male celebrities out there. Odell is one of the fastest rising stars in the NFL and well, we know Drake’s credits. I would assume that they bring many women back to that house after a night out together.

It’s kind of weird though, right?  I mean obviously guys are roommates all the time, I think of guys who are in their 20’s not ready to settle down and are just starting their career. Not two people who can clearly afford their own homes. Maybe that is a rude thing of me to say, but I know if I had the money they had, I wouldn’t have a roommate.

Do you think they have pillow fights?

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