David Beckham & Son Romeo Hang Out At Wimbledon

david beckham son romeo attend wimbledon 01

Just a casual day out at one of the biggest tennis tournements in the world. Some nice father and son bonding time obviously. I a just going to throw it out there that the Beckham gene pool is fucking perfect. All of their children are going to be insanely good looking. I mean Brooklyn is like 15 and already a young hottie, Romeo is like 11 and is going to be super attractive.

David Beckham is by far one of the hottest men of all time, it only makes sense that his sons follow in his footsteps.

David Beckham Brings His Three Sons To The Final World Cup Match!


So I have a legitimate question, is there a better looking family than the Beckham family? I mean just look at this picture, they are all so handsome. Even though Victoria and their little daughter aren’t pictured they are beautiful too! I just don’t understand! How can literally every member of a family be attractive. Usually there is a black sheep not here!

You can sit there and think that I am gross saying that a 15 year old is going to be hot but he is. Clearly he already had his whole brooding face down. The middle son Romeo has already modeled for Burberry and the youngest one can break dance. They are going to rule the world one day!

So in ten years or whenever these three boys blow up and are on every billboard in the world remember you heard it here first! These Beckham boys will run the world!

David, I see you too, there is no need to explain how good you look here. Slicked back hair, pearly white teeth, and tattoos for days, how can you hate that? Oh right, you can’t.