The Challenge Rivals 3 Premieres Tonight!

Let’s be real, ‘The Challenge’ is basically all that the MTV has going for it. Other than the Teen Mom series, I really don’t think they have much else. Well, okay one last one, The Teen Wolf show everyone goes nuts about. That is is though.

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with The Challenge they basically take past cast members from The Real World and Road Rules, well I just aged myself. No one from the Road Rules is on it anymore, not this season at least. They take people from The Real World and people from Are You The One, put them in a house and make them compete.

There is nothing like watching some people who you know can barely read, get drunk and fight, as well s try and play politics in the house. It is awesome.

Bananas & Sarah

Brandon & Briana

Cory & Ashley

Dario & Nicole

Devin & Cheyenne

Jamie & KellyAnne:

Johnny & Jessica

Leroy & Averey

Nathan & Christina

Thomas & Simone

Tony & Camila

Vince & Jenna

Wes & Nany

Those are the teams that are lined up. Last season Jamie and his cousin Cara Maria were able to come up with a big win.

My guess for the final three are

1.Bananas & Sarah

2. Nany & Wes

3. Leroy & Avery

Let me know your picks and if you are excited for this season since last season was an absolute bust!

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