Rita Ora Releases Amazing Acoustic Version Of “Your Song” – Listen Here!

Yes Rita Ora, keep on slaying!

For some reason Rita Ora has always received hate and I am not here for it. She has an incredible voice, she is so beautiful, and she deserves to be out there crushing the music scene!

Although I do love the original version of “Your Song”, this acoustic version gives me all the feels.

Good choice making it acoustic so we can all hear you sing it Rita!

Check it out below and be prepared to fall in love.

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Rita Ora Releases Music Video For ‘Poison’!

My love for Rita Ora is absolutely insane. She is straight up perfection and I will say it, I like her better than most female singers out there. Fucking Calvin Harris screwed her over by not letting ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ become one of the biggest hits of the year, but hey, whatever. Rita Ora is slaying it in this song, am I right?

Do I think this is her best song ever? No, I don’t. I think that she has had plenty of better songs than this one but this song is still a solid song. When you hear a hit, you know it is a hit.

Rita keep those incredible tracks coming!

“You’re going straight to my head, I’m headed straight for the edge”

This line is just so solid!

PS- Rita is an absolute babe.