Watch Rita Ora Perform “Your Song” On ‘The Tonight Show’

Get it girl!

My girl Rita is out there performing “Your Song” everywhere and I would love to heart it on the fucking radio. How does that even happen? Do I call the radio station and ask them to play it? I will fucking do it!

I have been a fan of Rita for a very long time, at least six years.

So it is time for America to show some respect!

Her voice is amazing, she is beautiful, and she has been so slut shamed by the media it’s fucking gross.

Listen to the song and fall in love.

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Rita Ora Releases Official “Your Song” Music Video – Watch Here!

Rita Ora is back with new music and I am loving it. She has released two versions of “Your Song”, personally I love the acoustic version, but either version will work!

The whole video is in reverse which is actually pretty awesome.

Clearly I have a super girl crush on Rita, so I am trying not to be too crazy about it.

I am just happy she is back, okay?!

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Rita Ora Releases Amazing Acoustic Version Of “Your Song” – Listen Here!

Yes Rita Ora, keep on slaying!

For some reason Rita Ora has always received hate and I am not here for it. She has an incredible voice, she is so beautiful, and she deserves to be out there crushing the music scene!

Although I do love the original version of “Your Song”, this acoustic version gives me all the feels.

Good choice making it acoustic so we can all hear you sing it Rita!

Check it out below and be prepared to fall in love.

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Nick Carter & Emma Bunton Post Iconic Photo Together

This photo hits me right in my 90’s nostalgia feels where I know that nothing will ever be as important as this photo. So much talent, so blonde, so 90’s. Right?

In case you didn’t know, Emma and Nick are teaming up for the show Boyband where they are the architects trying to find the next big boyband. I assume they are going to have teams or something like that.

Really, there hasn’t been that much told about the show yet, other than it will probably be amazing.

I am a little upset that I wasn’t asked to be a part of this show. Obviously I know a lot about boybands and I can definitely give tips, but I guess if anyone is going to put together a band it should be these two.

Really though, all this show has to say is that a Backstreet Boy and a Spice Girl are going to be on the show, that’s all they need for a hit show.

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Rita Ora Teams Up With Charli XCX & Raye On New Song “Girls”

Rita Ora is coming in hot with new music!

Last week she dropped her new single “Your Song” and it looks like she has a lot of new music to share!

Over the weekend at the BBC Radio 1 concert, Rita invited Charli and Raye up on stage to sing “Girls”.

If you want to kiss a girl Rita, I am right here, just sayin girl.

The more Rita the better.

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Rita Ora Drops “Your Song” – Listen Here!

Rita Ora is back and I am so damn happy about it. I have been a huge fan of her since “R.I.P” and I think that her voice is extremely underrated.

She wants to host like everything which I can understand, but I missed her voice! Her singing voice that is.

Yesterday she dropped “Your Song”, which was actually co-written by Ed Sheeran. It’s a bop. It’s a great song and I think that if it gets the right amount of love on the radio, it could potentially be a song of the summer type of song.

Thank the Lord that Rita is back to music.

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Rita Ora Officially Signs With Atlantic Records

So this is some of my favorite news ever, I absolutely love Rita Ora. I think that her voice is underrated and she is absolutely gorgeous. I would pick her over most female vocalist out there right now, that is saying a lot, I know.

Anyway, she was in kind of a shitty contract with Roc Nation and she felt like she didn’t get enough attention from Jay-Z so she got out of that contract. Now she is going to be recording brand new music with Atlantic and we are all excited!

One thing I must say to Rita, stop dating so much, focus on your music. Unfortunately I think that Rita has to prove that she can crush it.

Good luck Rita! I can’t wait for some new music!

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Travis Barker & Rita Ora Are Hollywood’s Newest Couple!

Okay well I thought that Rita Ora was dating Wiz Khalifa or some shit, but now she is dating fucking Travis Barker? Well I did not see that one coming. I swear this girl has no type. She has gone from Rob Kardashian to Calivin Harris to ASAP Rocky (allegedly) to some dude named Ricky Hilfiger to apparently Travis Barker?

That list of her past relationships looks like a season of Surreal Life or some VH1 show in 20 years.

I want to sit Rita down and just talk to her. In my opinion Rita has one of the best voices out there. She can sing and she is gorgeous but people focus on her long list of ex lovers. I mean her and Calvin broke up and he basically ruined her what should have been smash hit ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ but let’s not get into that.

This couple is one of the most random couples I have ever heard about in my life. I mean this is up there with Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

Travis Barker is a hottie though, he isn’t exactly my type but there is something about him. Now he is no Carey Hart, but he is definitely a good looking dude covered in tattoos. But if we were playing marry, fuck, kill with all the members of Blink-182, he would be the one I would kill. I would marry Mark Hoppus in case you were wondering.

I give this couple two months before they break up. They have been together for like a week apparently and they are already saying what they love about each other. I guess Hollywood really is like high school.

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Madonna Is Going To Give Taylor Swift A Run For Her Money With Star Studded Music Video!

madonna teases star studded bitch im madonna video 03

Now let’s be real, Madonna is a queen. There are few people who will ever change the face of pop music like Madonna has. She went from singing about blow jobs, to singing about being a virgin, to making out with Britney Spears. Madonna’s new music is straight fire too! I love it! Can’t get enough!

Anyway, I will say that this is a huge power move for Madonna. Everyone knows ‘Bad Blood’ had a ton of singers and famous actresses in it. Now I will say Taylor did drop the ball by using models that most people didn’t even know existed. Madonna don’t care though, she is bringing in the big guns. How about her using Katy Perry too? Everyone knows that ‘Bad Blood’ was written about Katy Perry, so why not throw her in a music video that could possibly be like ‘Bad Blood’.

My girl Rita is in this one though, so obviously I am already a fan of this video!

Really though, Nicki, Beyoncé, and Miley? You can’t go wrong there!

Rita Ora Releases Music Video For ‘Poison’!

My love for Rita Ora is absolutely insane. She is straight up perfection and I will say it, I like her better than most female singers out there. Fucking Calvin Harris screwed her over by not letting ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ become one of the biggest hits of the year, but hey, whatever. Rita Ora is slaying it in this song, am I right?

Do I think this is her best song ever? No, I don’t. I think that she has had plenty of better songs than this one but this song is still a solid song. When you hear a hit, you know it is a hit.

Rita keep those incredible tracks coming!

“You’re going straight to my head, I’m headed straight for the edge”

This line is just so solid!

PS- Rita is an absolute babe.