Bruno Mars & Cardi B Team Up On “Finesse” Remix Video – Watch Here!

I am obsessed with everything about this, from the song to the video, it is really all incredible and I can’t get enough!

Very ‘Fresh Prince’ vibes in the video and of course I am about that. How can you not be about that?

Cardi kills her verse and Bruno? Well we all know that Bruno is the most talented artist out there at the moment. Well I would say Bruno Mars and Donald Glover, sorry JT.

I really love the 90’s vibe that Bruno has been putting out lately with his music and videos, I can definitely get behind that movement.

Get ready for this song to be killed by the radio, until then though, I will enjoy it.

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Missy Elliott Releases Remix Of “I’m Better” Feat. Lil Kim, Eve & Trina

Missy Elliot coming in hot with one of the hottest remixes out there right now, just bringing out other legendary female rappers.

If you don’t know who Eve, Trina, or Lil’ Kim are then you’re probably too young for this blog.

Hey Miss, we need visuals on this right now!

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Wiz Khalifa Releases “Closer” Remix

Wiz Khalifa is out there killing it with those remixes right now. He put out one to the “Stranger Things” soundtrack not long ago and now he is jumping on a track that is already a certified hit.

We can all agree that “Closer” has been a huge song but Wiz just added his own flavor to it and I can definitely get behind it.

I love Wiz’s style and although he basically only raps about weed, I don’t care. His flow is amazing and all of his music is pretty fun.

This definitely sounds like his older music, so maybe he will be bringing that sound back!

Do you love it or hate it? Let me know!

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Nicki Minaj Remixes “Black Beatles” Into “Black Barbies”

Getty Images

Now I feel like it has been a while since I have heard a Nicki Minaj song and thought it was really good. She does great with features but it’s been a while since I have really loved one of her solo songs. This song though? I am all about it. This remix is fucking incredible.

Nice to have you back Nicki.

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Tiësto Remixed Niall Horan’s “This Town” Into A Club Mix


Who would have thought that an acoustic love song could be remixed into a club banger? I sure didn’t and after listening to the remix, I still stand by my statement.

I would love this version if I was drunk and already on the dance floor, just being excited that Niall Horan is playing at a club. It just sounds generic. Niall’s baby angel voice does sound good though.

Next time? Just leave it alone, let it be a cute love song, okay?

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Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara Reveal ‘WILD’ Remix

I am about to sound real out of the loop but I am prepared for that. I have no idea who Troye Sivian is, I think he performed at the Billboard Awards after Celine did, but I am not sure. I do know who Alessia Cara is, and I am obsessed with her. Alessia’s song have all been bops, and this song? Well it is just another bop to add to the list!

I think this song is the absolute perfect summer song, very mellow, low key. I honestly get a 90’s boyband feel from Troye’s voice and I don’t hate it.

Check out the song below!

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Michelle Branch Remixes ‘Goodbye To You’ To ‘Goodbye Ted Cruz’

There are only a few things that I want in this world and one of them is for Michelle Branch to make a come back. She was the soundtrack of my young teenage years and I think she needs to come back. I will take this as a small step towards her coming out with new music, I will accept this as a step in the right direction.

Goodbye Ted Cruz, hello Michelle Branch’s musical comeback!

Nostalgia is in and it’s time for you to capitalize on it!

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Selena Gomez Releases ‘Same Old Love’ Remix With Fetty Wap

Call me whatever you want but I don’t understand the Fetty obsession. I mean I like his beats and everything but the voice, I don’t know it gets to me. Maybe I am old, maybe that is why I am not the biggest fan of his voice, that makes sense right?

Selena is smart for this one though, she knows what she is doing. Make one of her biggest hits even bigger with one of the most popular rappers out.

I respect the hell out of the decision!

Check out the video below

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