Watch John Legend Help A Very Drunk Chrissy Teigen With Her Jewelry

I want that John and Chrissy kind of love, you know what I am saying?  These two just seem so in love with everything about each other, it’s perfect.

Last night of course was the GRAMMYs and Chrissy probably had one too many cocktails at an after party, then the struggle happened. She needed to take her jewelry off but obviously she was too drunk to do so. We have all been there ladies. When you get home after a night of drinking and just pass out, you wake up with your necklace tangled in your hair. It’s not the best feeling but it happens to the best of us.

Luckily for us, Chrissy is a social media genius and decided to Snapchat the entire experience for all of us to watch.

For the record, I think it’s true for most women, if you ask if someone is mad at you, it’s time to go home.

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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Take A Seat On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

Although I have never been on a red carpet I think that you can tell that the celebrities have to answer the sand question a million times and walk then pose. It seems draining. Of course they get to wear beautiful clothing and jewels but it does seem a bit repetitive.

While Chrissy and John were waiting for be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Chrissy had a great idea to take a seat. Sit right down on the stairs because why not, right?

It turned out into a viral moment of course and it is kind of adorable. It was just Chrissy and John sitting on the steps talking with Blake Lively.

Chrissy and John being stoop kids give me serious relationship envy.

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Red carpet relaxation. Photo by @blakelively

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Daryl Sabara & Meghan Trainor Are Totally Dating!

Before you start asking who Daryl Sabara is, I want you to brace yourself. Remember the kid from ‘Spy Kids’? Yup, well that’s him now. All grown up and dating Meghan Trainor.

The two seem to be pretty open with their relationship too, which is adorable. I feel like this is the first time Meghan has really had an open celebrity relationship. It’s awesome that she found someone even if it is the weird kid from ‘Spy Kids’. Joking, joking. He made more money off of that movie than I will ever see in my life.

So far they have been Instagram official for about two weeks and I am going to say they are going to last for a while.

So I am rooting for you two kids, keep giving us adorable snapshots on Instagram.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr Celebrate Their 14th Wedding Anniversary

#Relationship goals, am I right? Sarah and Freddie have been a couple for a long time. They have been married for 14 years and they dated for two years before getting married. The two starred in the 1997 classic I Know What You Did Last Summer, but didn’t officially become an item until 2000. The rest is history, right?

The couple have two children together and Freddie was the one who took a step back from the limelight to be a stay at home father while Sarah continues to act. By the way, Freddie doing that was a huge deal because he was one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. That would be like Zac Efron taking a break from acting to be a dad, it was a huge deal in the early 2000’s.

This couple needs to stay together because if they break up, my heart will also break.

Happy 14 years together, I hope you celebrate many more together!

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Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Are Still Going Strong

Image Source: Splash News Online/popsugar

Well it looks like Chris Evans is still dating Jenny Slate. Although I don’t have a shot it still kind of bums me out. Chris is easily one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and actually seems like a very nice guy, so I wish I was dating him. Yes, I am jealous, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine, I am lime green jello of Jenny Slate.

The two reportedly started dating just after Jenny announced she was divorcing her husband and the two have been spotted together ever since, they even made their first official appearance as a couple!

Chris was in town to accept his award at the Teen Choice Awards where he awkwardly stumbled through his acceptance speech. Of course he knew he was going to win so I was hoping he would’ve planned a better speech! It’s okay though because he adorable.

How long do we give these two? I think it’s going to last, that is my personal opinion.


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Niall Horan Is Off The Market!

Main Image

Niall Horan, the more angelic looking member of One Direction is officially off the market. He showed up to the Mumford and Son’s concert in London with Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke.

Know what I want to know? How do students meet celebrities? I mean maybe they just so happened to be at the same bar at the same time or whatever but damn! I am going to guess they met through Instagram or something, something romantic and new age like that. Plus Celine is beautiful so it would make sense if he was checking out her Instagram.

According to reports the couple spent the whole weekend together in London and Niall couldn’t keep his eyes or hands all over her.

Cheeky 1D bachelor goes in for a smooch in full view of the crowd around them

Niall barely paid attention to Mumford and Sons as he treated his girl the show

Duo enjoy the rare British sunshine in the Hyde Park VIP area

(all photo credit)

So young, so beautiful, and so in love, how adorable is that?

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Lady Gaga Writes Emotional Post About Fiance Taylor Kinney

I never thought anyone would ever love me because I felt like my body was ruined by my abuser. But he loves the survivor in me. He’s stood by me all night proud and unashamedly. THATS a real man. ❤  (Credit)

I genuinely wish that Lady Gaga won last night, not to take credit away from Sam Smith but her song was absolutely incredible. ‘Till It Happens to You’ is so insanely relevant to the world today and Gaga’s performance was so heartfelt, it could bring anyone to tears. I was sobbing like a baby actually. Any song that can bring out such emotion from important is a special song.

It is beautiful that she gives credit to her soon to be husband Taylor too, who has stuck by her side for years now. They have a beautiful relationship and are very open about their love for one another.

May this couple last forever and again, thank you for such an incredible performance Gaga.

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Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Together?

Yes! This is my favorite thing ever. When I first saw that this was a possibility of happening my jaw hit the fucking ground. Blac Chyna just straight up messed with Kylie Jenner in the worst way possible. Kylie stole BC’s baby daddy, well Blac Chyna just stole her brother. Baby daddies come and go but brothers are forever.

This is genuinely one of my favorite things of all time. According to reports Blac Chyna and Rob have been hanging out nonstop the past few days. Just staying cooped up at his place. I am assuming there are Netflix and chilling.

I have a theory that Rob now hates all of the Kardashians and wants to segregate himself as much as possible. Dating someone who has openly slammed your entire family on social media, that’s one way of doing it.

May this relationship last forever.

Just a reminder this is what Rob’s sleeve looks like and this is why everyone is assuming in her Instagram picture she is all cuddled up with him.

You win Blac Chyna, you win.

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Are Amber Rose & Machine Gun Kelly Dating?


So TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose was at an airport to pick up her boo thang Machine Gun Kelly. Now, I thought just a few weeks ago she was saying that Wiz was the love of her life? I am officially confused. I don’t understand Amber Rose but I like her. There is just something about this whiffle cut bitch that I can’t get enough of. I kind of feel like she knows that she isn’t taken seriously as a “celebrity” so she just says random shit constantly.

If you don’t know Machine Gun Kelly, you aren’t alone. I mean I am a fan of his, I have been for a while but he isn’t really known on popular radio or anything like that. But he is a rapper! So you can at least tell people that fact when they ask who he is.

Does Amber have a type? I mean MGK is skinny, tall, and tatted up, oh and smokes as much weed as Wiz. I see something in common!

Fun fact, this is my favorite MGK song!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart back to bumpin’ uglies


Alright so there are something things that I will just never understand when it comes to Hollywood. The relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is probably close to being at the very top of this list for many reasons.

1. She cheated on you bro, she cheated on you hard and she didn’t even try and hide it. Remember those weird pictures of her being hugged from behind by that creepy director? Then you guys got back together right in time for the final Twilight movie? Hm makes no sense to me!

2. They break up at least once a year for months at a time. Hey, if you want to be an on again off again couple that is absolutely fine with me. At this point though they have been dating for as long as they have been broken up, enough of this nonsense and make up ya damn mind kids!

3. Why Kristen Stewart? My theory is that she has a magical vagina that sings sweet melodies that only Robert Pattinson and dogs can hear. She seems like a wet blanket. She would be that girl at the party who stood in the corner and crossed her arms over her chest just looking around the party while Pattinson danced the night away. She would also be the girl to pull him away from talking to other girls even though she openly cheated on him.

Anyway this couple is apparently dating again and I know that Twilight fans are probably losing their shit. So I guess congrats even though she openly cheated on you and you kind of look like a little bitch right now.

Just a side note can you imagine how much Robert’s family probably dislikes K.Stew. I mean she made their son look like an absolute fool. Just a thought, I would love to be a fly on the wall at family gatherings.