Reese Witherspoon Slays The 2015 Met Gala Red Carpet!

reese witherspoon met gala 2015 03

Honestly how is Reese Witherspoon even real? I mean does she even age? In my opinion Reese can do absolutely no wrong. Except maybe that movie with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, whatever that was it wasn’t good.

Look at this though! Reese just slaying the red carpet, all five foot nothing of her showing some leg, incredible eye make up, and a gorgeous necklace! I do wish she did something different with her hair, but whatever I am game for anything that Reese does!

Slay Reese slay!

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Reese Witherspoon!

Since I usually have a Man Crush Monday, I figured that it was about damn time I went along with the trend of Woman Crush Wednesday! Why you ask? I will respond by saying, because I want to! Boom, end of conversation. There were many women I could have chosen, I had to think about all of them, Reese seemed to be the perfect fit for the first one ever. She is nominated for another Oscar, she is flawless, and she is one of my favorite actresses.

I have heard a lot of people hate on Reese due to her lack of taste in choosing movies over the past few years and I can’t disagree with them. No wanted to see ‘This Means War’ but ‘Wild’ is her big comeback movie. She isn’t wearing make up in most of the movie, plus she is playing such a raw and emotional character.

Since the 90’s Reese has been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and that is a title that I don’t think will ever leave her. She seems to have a great personality, minus the whole getting arrested thing and asking the officer if he knew who she was, that’s not the point! The point is that she is one of America’s sweethearts.

So congrats on all your success but mostly being my first Woman Crush Wednesday, I hope you bask in the glow!