Sam Hunt Looks Super Handsome On The ACMs Red Carpet

I am in love with Sam Hunt. Is that too forward? I really don’t care but I really love this guy. I don’t love all of his music but his face? It’s nice to look at, add the stubble that he has, I love it even more.

Tonight showed up wearing all black and basically looking like a million bucks.

His date was his fiancee Hannah and he sang “Body Like A Back Road” to her, which is basically swoon city.

All of the heart eyed emojis for Sam tonight.

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Carrie Underwood Looks Stunning At The ACMs

How in the actual hell is Carrie Underwood a real person? That is a question that I have for everyone right now. Carrie is by far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she never fails on a red carpet.

Tonight she showed up to the ACMs and I don’t think that she has ever looked better. With each red carpet she evolves into even more of a fashionista.

I have no idea who she is wearing, I just know she looks better than anyone else on the red carpet.

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The Best Dressed Women Of The 2017 Oscars!

Hey everyone! We are so happy to be back guest blogging for Celebrities Are Tragic! This is always such a fun thing for us to do and we love the fashion of any award show, but something about The Academy Awards is just so magical.  We were surprised this year by the lack of dresses that we loved. There were plenty of ones we didn’t like but we like to spread fashion positivity  because those women felt beautiful, so who are we to tell them they’re not?!  We kinda wanted to do a best dressed after party list because that is where the fashion was! We did include on look from an after party so keep on reading to check who made the list! Congrats to all the beautiful ladies who were nominated and who won! As always feel free to follow us on twitter! Thanks Willi Killiams!

Hannah: @hannahe_beauty

Emily: @Iamemilycohn

5) Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab

We decided to add in an after party look because we honestly didn’t have many favorites this year, which is shocking because usually everyone brings it! But when we saw this dress we had to give it a shout out! This was the perfect party dress to show up in.  We loved the gold color with all the butterfly and flower appliques looked like they were floating on her dress. It was the perfect combination of fun and sexy.  We loved the shoulder detail and black belt. We were so happy she wore her hair up because when you have a dress like this, you don’t want to take away from it. Overall she nailed it! Best After party dress for sure goes to Elizabeth.

4) Hailee Steinfield in Ralph & Russo.

This dress was so elegant and girly. We were obsessed from the moment we saw it! Her designers had a painter flown in to hand paint the dress while she was in it so the flowers could all be appropriately placed because the fabric was so sheer. That is couture! Her Smokey eye was beautiful and brought the drama. We loved that she kept her hair up to show off the high neckline of the dress.

3) Taraji P. Henson in Alberta Ferretti

She brought the sexy to the red carpet! Everything from the silhouette to the neckline was stunning. It looked black on TV and pictures but it was actually a deep navy blue.  We loved the simple shoes because her necklace was so extravagant. We also loved that she did a bob hairstyle to show off the deep v-neckline and necklace. Loved it!

2) Janelle Monae in Elie Saab

This dress will go down as one of the most iconic Oscar dresses in history. She looked like a regal queen floating on the red carpet. There was so much detail in this dress. We loved the bodice, it was totally giving us Halle Berry  vibes circa 2002 when she won her Oscar. The sheer fabric with the lace beaded appliques were stunning. Hair and makeup was on point! She has dream eyebrows that we all want!

1) Viola Davis in Armani Prive

SO beautiful. Everything about this dress was amazing. The silhouette, the color, the neck line. Just perfection! Her hair and makeup was flawless. This was a dress to win in! Aside from looks, her speech was so inspiring and she moved us to tears! Congrats Viola, we love ya!

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Dwayne Johnson Looks Incredible On The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

I never thought I would be attracted to a man who wears blue velvet but here I am. Dwayne Johnson looks fucking incredible. Maybe I am bias though because I am pretty sure Dwayne is in my top five hottest guys in Hollywood. He could have worn pretty much anything and I would say that he looks incredible.

Really though, I heard that Velvet is very much in this award season which is weird. I need to break out all of my velvet track suits I guess. Of course by all of them, I mean none because I don’t own any.

Dwayne can basically do no wrong in my eyes though. That smile, those muscles, his charming personality? He could probably convince me to join a cult if he was a cult leader. No he could definitely convince me.

Congrats on being super talented and being a total babe Dwayne Johnson. Thanks for always looking handsome.

There’s a reason he was voted sexiest man alive.

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Ryan Gosling Rocks Ruffles At The 2017 Oscars

Ryan Gosling, what is happening? You are usually one of the best looking guys on the red carpet. I mean his face and hair and all of that looks incredible, those ruffles though? I don’t think that anyone could pull that off. Ruffles have never been sexy.

Tonight Ryan is nominated for his role in ‘La La Land’, so we will see if he brings home the trophy tonight!

Like I said everything is on point but those god awful ruffles.

Apparently Twitter is all about the ruffles though, so what do I know anyway?

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Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Serious Leg On The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

God damn Taraji P. Henson is coming in hot on the Oscars red carpet!

She is rocking a velvet dress, and apparently velvet is very much in this season. I had no idea that velvet would ever be a fashionable choice, it looks like it’s time to breka out those Juicy sweatsuits!

Taraji isn’t nominated for her personal performance tonight but ‘Hidden Figures’ is but I am hoping that it is able to pull out the big win. It would be awesome.

Just a little fun fact, Taraji is one of my favorite celebrities because once time she was drunk at the Super Bowl and posted on Instagram about how much she loved Maroon 5, but it was Coldplay performing. That’s my girl right there!

Slay Taraji, we are not worthy.

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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Look So In Love On The 2017 Oscar’s Red Carpet

Is there any couple that rocks a red carpet like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen? I am seriously asking because I don’t think that there is. Sure there are couples that look great but these two just slay every red carpet that they walk.

John has won an Oscar before for Best Song in a Motion Picture, and I think that he is performing tonight. I could be wrong.

Anyway, just look at these two. I am obsessed with them and so is the rest of Twitter.

So in case you were wondering if Hollywood love is real, just look at these two.

And tonight, while posing on the Oscars red carpet, they once again proved that true love DOES EXIST!
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

He adores her.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I want that John and Chrissy kind of love.

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Dev Patel Brings His Mom To The 2017 Oscars


Just when I thought I couldn’t love Dev Patel any more than I already do, he brings his mom to the red carpet. He is a self proclaimed momma’s boy and it is so adorable that she is his date. Of course I wish he was married to Freida Pinto but we won’t get into that.

In case you didn’t know Dev is nominated for best actor in a supporting role for ‘Lion’.

Whether you win or not tonight Dev, your career is going to sky rocket and I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

Also for the record, Dev rocks that white suit.

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Chris Evans Rocks Blue On The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

When Chris Evans isn’t being the perfect human, like getting into Twitter wards with a former KKK leader, he is walking the red carpet. That’s right. He is basically always a hero for the people and that is something I will forever respect.

Most guys at the Oscars will wear a simple black tux, it will be fitted perfectly and all of that stuff but rarely do you see color. I give Chris a lot of credit hear for wearing some color.

Let’s be real, he isn’t stupid. He knew that wearing blue would bring out those baby blue eyes.

Good looks Chris, always good looks.

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Halle Berry Looks Incredible On The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

If you can believe it, it has been 15 years since Halle Berry became the first black woman to win an Oscar. That’s right, it took that long which is kind of insane to think about.

Tonight, Halle stepped up her game, that is for sure. I mean, she hasn’t aged at all in the past twenty years but she looks beyond beautiful. The dress, the hair, everything about it is absolutely perfect.

Who is she wearing? I have no idea. I just know that she looks stunning!

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