Watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ Welcome Back Featurette

Let’s be real, ‘Gilmore Girls‘ is and always will be a very special show in the hearts of many.  Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are absolute dolls and I am ready. I am excited for this little reboot and I hope that they come back with more!

Also, nice to see that Alexis hasn’t aged a day.

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Melissa McCarthy Will Reprise Her Role In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot!

You know what, I always had a feeling that Melissa McCarthy was going to come back for the ‘Gilmore Girls‘ reboot and that everyone has been dragging it out. Looks like I was right! After the creator came out saying that she could have Melissa in and out within two hours, Melissa signed on the next day according to reports!

Obviously Melissa has come a long way from being Lorelia’s best buddy. She is now one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood but I am glad that she is going to stop by Stars Hollow for a little visit!

Can’t wait to see Sookie and Lorelai with their hilarious conversations, truthfully I just can’t wait for the reboot to come out!

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Peter Gallagher Joins NBC’s ‘Cruel Intentions’ Reboot

Okay, okay. So far I am a fan of the lineup that NBC is putting together so bring this show back. Of course I am a bit weary of it considering how iconic ‘Cruel Intentions’ was but hey, they are bringing back Sandy Cohen! Any time Sandy Cohen is in anything, it is usually good. I mean those eyebrows are full of talent!

For real though, I was like 12 and had a crush on Sandy Cohen that I never understood. Being well, older now, I still have a crush on him and understand it a little bit better. Those brows of fury, those blue eyes, I mean how can you not love it?

So far all that we know is that Peter will be playing the father of Sebastian. He is a crude businessman but other than that, we don’t know much.

So far we know that at least one original character will be reprising their role, God bless Sarah Michelle Gellar for that one! Some people are angry that Reese has yet to join. I mean I would love to see her come back but let’s be real, I feel like chances on that are slim to none. Of course we wont get Ryan because he died in the movie, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it.

That’s what we know so far! Will you be watching?

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Joining NBC’s ‘Cruel Intentions’Series

When I first heard about this ‘Cruel Intentions’ reboot I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. I mean the movie is an absolute classic. Everything about it was perfect, from the casting to the dialogue, there wasn’t anything I disliked about it. Remakes though, we all know how those usually end. Terribly.

There is a glimmer of hope now though, Sarah Michelle Gellar has officially signed on to reprise her role as Katherine Merteuil.

Katherine is one of the baddest bitches ever, her role was so perfect and so evil, it was just, it was incredible. She was so unlikable but you also kind of liked her. Her lines were hilarious. Think about Blair Waldorf with a coke problem and less of a filter, there is Katherine.

No word on anyone else reprising their role just yet though. I hope Reese makes at least a cameo.

So maybe I will give this show a shot, will you?

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Jared Padalecki Will Return As Dean For ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

Thank baby Jesus! Listen, I know Dean royally screwed with Rory and was a jealous asshole but I loved him. Mostly because Jared Padalecki is an absolute babe. I mean he has grown into such a good looking guy, even when he was younger on the show though, he was still a hottie.

Personally I am excited that all three of Rory’s main men, Dean, Jess, and Logan will be coming back. This reboot should be incredible!

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Milo Ventimiglia Is Returning To ‘Gilmore Girls’!

It has officially been confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia will be coming back as the bad boy with the heat of gold Jess! Milo was in 37 episodes of the original series and made his final exit in season 6 of the show. There is no information how long he will be sticking around on set or anything but, he is back and that is all that matters!

So far we have Rory’s exes Logan and Jess coming back, which is sure to cause some issues in Stars Hollow. We don’t know anything about this new installment of the show though. We know that Netflix has greenlit four episodes, 90 minutes each, but that is about all that we have at the moment.

Let us pray that this ‘Gilmore Girls‘ reboot is incredible. I also hope that Dean comes back to town. Although he was kind of a dick I loved him and Rory together.

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Check Out Zac Efron Taking Swimming Lessons

As I said before if Zac Efron is shirtless there is a really good chance that I am going to write about it just so we can admire his perfect body. Can you blame me? There is currently a blizzard outside but these shirtless pictures of Zac sure no how to warm me up. Too much? Yeah that was too much.

Why is he taking these lessons? Apparently it is so he can train for the ‘Baywatch’ reboot that he and Dwayne Johnson are starring in! A movie that can not come soon enough if you ask me!

I hope there are more shirtless swimming lesson pictures to follow, let’s cross our fingers!

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