Rami Malek Rocks Green On The Critics’ Choice Awards Red Carpet!

Hi Rami Malek, you always look like you haven’t slept for a year but I am always really into it. I guess I should start saying, Rami Malek with the tired eyes, is that okay? Are all okay with that? Cool.

So a lot of guys on the red carpet were actually wearing a maroon, a form of red. Rami clearly wanted to stand out though. So he decided to go with a red suit coat, that looks velvet? Never in my entire life did I think that I would be attracted to a man wearing a velvet jacket but I am into this look.

Clearly my fashion reviews aren’t the best. I don’t know anything about fashion but I can tell you when someone looks good. Rami Malek? He looks really good.

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Rami Malek Looks Dapper On The 2016 Emmys’ Red Carpet

Rami Malek is an absolute babe, right? I mean just look at him. I love that he wore white on white, and a black bow tie. His hair is perfectly gelled, his jawline is looking on point, like always.

Tonight Rami is nominated for his first Emmy, so that is incredible exciting for him. Considering he was known for playing King Tut at ‘Night At The Museum’ to being a lead in his own television show. Big step up for him!

He is talented, incredibly attractive, and very humble!

Good luck Rami!

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Best Dressed Men At The 2016 Golden Globes

Award nights are not just fun for the women, the men tend to get dressed up and look dapper as hell as well. This year though, there was a lot of velvet and bow-ties, which I found a bit strange but I also liked. Most men just throw on a suit and call it a day but I put together a list of the best dressed men to walk the red carpet last night! If you are interested the list of best dressed women was done last night by two very talented guest bloggers! I highly recommend that you check it out!

I think we can all agree that all these men look great, some just fill out suits better than others, that simple.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, Golden Globe Awards

9. Jamie Foxx (Pictured with his daughter)

8. Rob Lowe

7.Liev Schreiber

6. Chris Evans

5. Kevin Hart

4. Dwayne Johnson (pictures with daughter)

3. Sam Heughan

2.Orlando Bloom

1.Rami Malek

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