Sia Releases Music Video For “The Greatest” And Honors Pulse Nightclub Victims

Sia, oh Sia. What did we do to deserve and artist like Sia? She is truly one of the greatest artists out there right now, with music that is incredible moving. Yes, she can have fun songs but she can also put songs together like “Breathe Me” and “Chandelier” which was about her own battle with alcoholism.

Let me be clear, Sia hasn’t come out and said that this music video was put together to represent the Pulse Nightclub shooting that happened in Orlando over the summer. I will say that after watching the video and reading comments, I believe it is pretty clear that Sia was trying to represent the tragedy in an artistic manner.

The video starts off with 49 dancers and through out the video it gets darker and darker. By roughly four minutes all of the dancers fall and the wall looks to have been permeated with bullet holes.

Of course those are just theories but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is what Sia was going for since she is a big advocate for the LGBTQ community.

An amazing song and video, as always. There is also a version of this song with Kendrick Lamar that is available on Itunes and Spotify.

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