James Franco Admits To Hitting On 17 Year Old

You know what after watching this video I still don’t know how I feel about James Franco. Here he is saying that he is nothing but an example about how social media is tricky. He goes on about how he did try and hit on the girl on Instagram and all of this stuff. He never really apologizes for his actions though. He tried to pressure a 17 year old into sleeping with him, do people not realize that?

Listen I understand that age differences happen, I really and truly do. I understand that in New York City consent is the age of 17 so it isn’t rape. Let’s just lay down the facts though. At the end of the clip Kelly Ripa says she would never share their texts. Shame on you Kelly, you have a young daughter at home who you probably wouldn’t want being hit on by an older man when she is only 17. Let;s also talk about how the media is giving no credit to this 17 year old girl Lucy. Unlike most girls she had respect and didn’t sleep with him, she didn’t jump right into bed with him. James Franco was so persistent he said he would get them their own hotel room. That is a persistent man who is acting like a horny teenager.

Do I think that this scandal will ruin James Franco’s career? Absolutely not, and I don’t think that it should. I just think that he should acknowledge the fact that this female was younger than 18 and apologize for being so aggressive. He said that she could contact him when she wanted to sleep with him, that is just an aggressive move.

I have to say that it is good he addressed the situation but I think Franco is trying to get people to feel bad for him when let’s face it, no one should. He got caught being shady and is getting the public backlash from that.

I must say that I applaud Lucy whatever her last name is for not sleeping with James Franco, good for you girl. Glad you didn’t let him pressure you into it.