Why Did Everyone Hate Madonna’s Prince Tribute?

Madonna performs a tribute to Prince onstage during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22, 2016.
Kevin Winter—Getty Image

Everyone is being so extra salty towards Madonna for her Prince tribute. That’s right, people are ripping apart a performance that Madonna put on for one of her peers who passed away. One of her peers that she was fairly close with from what reports have said. After his tragic death it was reported that Prince and Madonna almost went on tour together but both decided that the world wasn’t ready for the kind of royalty that was going to be on one stage!

Many people were wondering if Madonna had the ability to sing or perform in a way that would honor Prince. Uhm, what? Do these people even hear themselves? Madonna is one of the greatest entertainers of our time, I am pretty sure that she has the chops to perform a tribute to just about anybody!

BET was the first out there to throw out some shade towards Madonna and the award show.

There is no way that you can please everybody but Madonna put her heart into the performance. She lost a friend and she wanted to give him a tribute even though I am sure she knew that there would be plenty of negativity to follow, she just didn’t give a shit. That is why we love Madonna, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

One of my favorite posts of the night about the whole Madonna performance had to come from a twitter user named Dexter, it is insanely well put together and thought out.

The backlash against Madonna doing a Prince tribute at Billboard really doesn’t make sense considering the awards are about commercial chart performance. Madonna is the only living peer of Prince’s commercial success and ubiquitous cultural influence.

If you want to argue that any Prince tribute at the Billboard awards is disrespectful because of his disdain for the music industry that makes sense. But being upset that Madonna was chosen to sing in tribute of her peer/collaborator/friend at the Billboard Awards is silly.

All award ceremonies are just celebrations of capitalist success so to assume there is any artistic imperative is an illusion you are buying into to jerk off your own ego. ✌🏻️ @DexforBreakfast

That is all, thank you

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Elton John Pays Tribute To Prince

Personally Elton John is by far one of my favorite artists of all time, he is a legend in his own right. It’s nice that he spoke about a bit of a personal story with Prince. I wasn’t even aware that Prince had a Vegas show, but I guess it makes sense.

After all of the stories that have come out over the past years I think it is pretty clear that Prince lived his life how he wanted to and he had a lot of fun, something you have to respect.

There have been so many tributes over the past few days I will try and put up as many as possible, Prince deserves all of the tributes possible, he is someone who can never be replicated.

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Jennifer Hudson & The ‘Color Purple’ Cast Give Incredible ‘Purple Rain’ Tribute

Sometimes there are no words needed. This tribute is probably one of the most beautiful ones I have seen yet. Even though I wasn’t there, I could feel the emotion behind this performance.

Rest in beautiful peace Prince.

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Justin Bieber Angers Prince Fans With Shady Comment About His Death

So let’s be real, this whole Justin Bieber being a good guy thing, it couldn’t last forever. Justin Bieber is a douchebag, that simple. That is why he cancelled his meet and greets, that is why he well, does whatever he wants. That whole apology tour helped him get his career back on track but it can’t last forever. Sure people say that his new music is catchy but I am going to assume after this album he is going to take a long break, I see a Britney 2007 spiral for him in the short term, except he won’t come out of it like Brit did.

As most of you know the iconic Prince passed away yesterday and many people posted tributes about the singer, praising him in a way that he truly deserved.

So this radio dj, I think he is a radio dj, Andrew Watt posted a great tribute about Prince, about how he is one of the last great living performers, you know, basically what a lot of other people said, because it is true.

Alright well you see that third comment? “Well, not the last greatest living performer”, you’re right Bieber but hey, let’s think about who is left. Madonna is left, easily one of the best performers out there, Cher is still around. Sorry, you are not on their level. They are icons, you are a cookie cutter sensation who was lucky enough to be able to sing at at age 12 and have a following that would be okay with you joining ISIS.

If you’re seriously taking offense to the fact someone said that Prince was one of the last greatest performers, it’s time for you to take a step back and look at yourself. You lip-sync more than actually sing, that is not a great performer.

Since this was posted it has already been taken down but thanks to a screenshot from @musicnews_shade Bieber’s douchebag comment will live on forever.

My advice, grow up and sow some respect to the artists who have paved the way.

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Justin Timberlake Pens Emotional Tribute About Prince’s Passing

It was Raspberry Beret. I was 4 years old. Yes, 4. I remember that I instantly loved it. “Mommy, who is that singing?” Seems weird but it’s true.

More than a “once in a lifetime” artist… Just a ONCE IN FOREVER ARTIST. I’m still in shock as I write this and I feel this overwhelming grief. But, we should all turn away from that and HONOR this musician that changed all of our lives, our perspectives, our feeling, our whole being. From another planet? Probably. Royalty, for sure. Us worthy..? Laughable.

They say don’t meet your idols… That they let you down. But, some of my greatest, funniest (yes, he was hilarious), and most prolific encounters and conversations about music came from the moments that I spent with him. It would be silly to say that he has inspired our music… It’s beyond that.

He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written.

I am sad, but I will smile when I think of every second that I had the fortune of being in his company. We have lost our greatest living musician. But his music will never die.



Celebrities all over have been posting about Prince’s passing and I am sure that there will be many, many more tributes over the next few hours. Rightfully so, Prince did change a lot in the music world.

Thank you Justin for sharing your personal experience with Prince and there is nothing like a legend honoring another legend.

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Legendary Singer Prince Dies At 57

There are some icons that are so well, iconic, that they only need to be called by one name. Prince is one of those icons, hell he even changed his name to a symbol at one point and people went with it. Prince is on the same level as Michael Jackson in my opinion, constantly changing his sound and reinventing himself.

A few days ago Prince announced he had some complications with the flu but there was nothing to be concerned about. According to TMZ, the legendary singer was found dead this morning in his Minnesota home.

Thank you for challenging social norms and just being yourself. You are truly an inspiration and will continue to inspire for decades to come.

You’ll be forever fabulous.

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