Prayers for Charleston

It took me a few days to write something about this senseless act of violence due to the fact I couldn’t think of the words to use in order to put my feelings on this website. In reality, this act of violence is absolutely disgusting. A church is supposed to be a place of safety, where you pray for a better life and thank God to be alive. The idea of someone pushing open a door and opening firing is absolutely mind boggling to me.

I just want the city of Charleston to know that the whole world stands behind you. I know that won’t take away the pain that the victims have been taken from an act of sheer horror but maybe it can bring some comfort to the families and friends.

The media has been posting the face of the shooter all over the place, but I won’t do that, I won’t even say his name. Instead here is a list of the people who lost their lives, these are the men and women that should be remembered.

Cynthia Hurd, 54; Tywanza Sanders, 26; Sharonda Singleton; Myra Thompson, 59; Ethel Lance, 70; Susie Jackson, 87; the Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.; and DePayne Doctor.

I am so sorry that someone had so much hate in their heart.