Britney Spears Plays April Fool’s Prank At Vegas Show!

This video is absolute proof that the Britney Army will stand by their queen no matter what.

Here she is about to cancel a show and no one even booed her. They just all sounded disappointed but were probably more worried about her having a broken toe.

I hope that this Britney comes out more, the fun and playful one.

Also I love that she has her mic on, she may not always sing live, but homegirl knows how to entertain.

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Watch Adele and Ellen DeGeneres Prank Jamba Juice Staff

This is absolutely hilarious. I have decided that Adele is one of my favorite celebrities ever. Not only is she insanely talented but she seems hilarious. In her interviews, doing things like this,  she takes her professional life seriously but nothing else.

I highly recommend you start your day off by watching this. You will die laughing. Adele is a champ and Ellen is hilarious.

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