Dream Is Making A Comeback This Summer!

Dream is making a comeback! I repeat FUCKING DREAM IS MAKING A COMEBACK!

When I was 10 there was noting more I wanted than to learn all of Dream’s choreography and be able to sing like they did. Of course I am not a singer or a dancer but I tried, all because of these four ladies.

I can remember when they broke up and it broke my heart, but they are coming back together, there is nothing more that needs to be discussed.

Apparently they will be performing at the Mixtape Festival which seems to be a throwback festival of amazing performers. They will be sharing the stage with NKOTB, Paula Abdul, O-Town, and 98 Degrees! I mean I think I need to be there.

This is a blessed day! God bless!

and there just as awesome but not as popular song

Can we agree they had the coolest furniture in their music videos?

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