Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Spotted In Nashville

Well it looks like Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn might actually be dating. There have been rumors about them for a few months now, but it looks like there might be some legitimacy to this relationship now!

A paparazzo zoomed way in and took a photo of the two of them having coffee on Taylor’s patio at her Nashville home.

I really have no idea who Joe Alwyn is but he and Taylor definitely make for a tall, blonde couple.

Swift definitely has a thing for this Brits.

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Britney Spears Posts Epic #TBT With Leonardo DiCaprio

I think this is the greatest picture of all time. This is potentially one of the greatest throwbacks of all time if you ask me. I mean Britney has been crushing it on social media lately. The only way she could top it is if she posted a picture with Justin Timberlake from back in the day, but we all know that will never happen.

I wish these two had dated back in the day, I mean what a power couple, right? Leo and Brit, the couple that should have been.

I have a feeling we are getting fun Britney back and I can’t wait.

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Kim Kardashian Posts Picture With Amber Rose

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Is the war over between Amber and Kim? The bitter social medial feud has been going on ever since Kylie first started to date Tyga. Amber is best friends with Kim’s ex best friend Blac Chyna who now is dating Rob Kardashian and the whole family is mad at that. In reality it is a very tangled web of drama that most likely play out on television anyway.

I was rooting for this to last forever, this Amber calling out the Kardashians for getting famous from a sex tape, looks like it is over though. I mean in reality it was probably all for publicity, there is no doubt about that.

I also don’t think that I could be friends with someone who openly admitted to fingering my husband’s asshole for the whole world to see. That is just me though.

I wonder if Kim and Blac Chyna are cool again.

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Steve-O Posts Sweet Message To Kat Von D

I know it’s crazy that I became a clean and sober, hybrid-driving, animal-rescuing vegan who’s super into meditating, but I’m glad I did. I’m even happier that I get to spend so much time with a shockingly gorgeous and amazingly talented woman who is all of those things, kinda wild like me, and doesn’t give a fuck how many teeth I really have. Kat Von Drules. (credit)

I have always had a love for Steve-O mostly because of his antics but I always felt like under the craziness there was a good soul there. I swear out of the whole Jackass crew he was always the one who would end up doing the craziest stuff. I can appreciate that, I am not sure if Steve-O’s body appreciated it, but I could!

This couple is pretty adorable though, right? Steve-O the reformed wild boy and Kat Von D the tatted goddess with a heart of gold. Now of course they haven’t said they are dating but I am assuming that they are from this post. Kat is a babe, I don’t blame Steve-O for wanting the world to know!


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Introducing Zac Efron’s Super Hot Younger Brother Dylan Efron

So I have come to accept the fact that I will most likely never marry Zac Efron. I mean never say never, but if it doesn’t happen I understand. He is famous, I am not, really the only thing keeping us apart. Well last night I came to a realization after Zac posted this photo of his younger brother. He has a hot, non-famous younger brother! I mean I could totally marry the hot, not famous one! I would love that.

Really though, what are they trying to do to all of us ladies with this post? Just so many muscles, and so many smiles in one picture. This is my favorite picture ever. Efron you have some competition with the ladies. Well not really, Zac Efron will never have any competition.

On a serious note, thank you for introducing your hot ass younger brother for the world to see. God bless America.

Britney Spears Posts Photo With Kristin Cavallari


Kristin Cavallari is the sneakiest person in the entire world! She is so sneaky famous I can’t even handle it! I mean I loved ‘Laguna Beach’ as much as the nest young female in the early 2000’s then of course she had to sneak in and steal ‘The Hills’ after Lauren flew the coup.

I have no idea how Kristin does it but she remains in the limelight, some how. I feel like at this point in my life I will probably never understand it, and that is okay. I have some to accept the fact that Kristin Cavallari has been famous for a solid ten years and will probably continue to be famous because she was such a bad bitch in high school.

Somehow she is still famous enough to get a picture with the queen Britney Spears, could you imagine if someone like Alex M tried to get backstage? People would laugh in her face! Not Kristin though, she knows how to pull strings, and marry football players.

Sneaky Kristin, I am going to keep up with Kristin now. Honestly, I am so surprised that she doesn’t have her own reality television show. Is anyone else surprised by this?

Courtney Love Believes She Found Missing Malaysian Plane


Courtney Love is everyone’s favorite hot mess, right? I like to think so. I mean she is kind of a piece of shit but that isn’t the point right now. Right now the point is that Courtney Love is convinced that she found the missing plane that has tragically disappeared with roughly 230 passengers on board. Thank God who have Courtney Love on the case!

ImageSo that is the picture that Courtney posted today and honestly, it looks like it could be legit, right? I mean if Courtney Love fucking found this plane, I don’t even know what to say to that. The woman who can hardly form a sentence found a plane that has been missing for about a week now?! That is just crazy talk.

Let’s be real, this is probably nothing but I bet Courtney Love is sitting there just staring at this picture knowing that she solved this whole thing. Boom, used Google maps, done and done, she knows whats up.

Seriously though, what if she is right? Stranger things have happened right?

Are Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama engaged?



So above are two pictures that have just posted and have the internet going fucking insane about the whole Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. For those of you that have been following last year apparently Wilmer bought an engagement ring for Demi but nothing was ever confirmed. If you look at the second picture Demi is wearing a rather large ring on a specific finger which makes you wonder!

Demi usually keeps her relationship with the creepy old man top secret, she made sure that she posted about his birthday though. That makes me wonder, could there be a wedding in the works? It is about time that Wilmer settled down with someone his own age, just kidding they are like 12 years apart.

I still find this relationship creepy but if Demi is happy then I guess I am happy for her. They have been hooking up since she was only like 17 so that means something?

I don’t know I am trying to give this creepy old man the benefit of the doubt! I can’t help it!

How Long Will Kaley Cuoco’s Marriage Last?


So I am genuinely curious how long people think that Kaley Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting will last. I am willing to bet that within a year they will be divorced. Now the reason I ask this is because I feel like Kaley is just a girl who jumps from relationship to relationship trying to find love. I mean she dated fucking Henry Cavill for a second and some how a month later she ended up with this guy and within like five months they are now married. Other than just dating for a short amount of time there is another reason I think they wont last.

You see Ryan just got Kaley’s name tattooed on his body which is basically a kiss of death, right? If you get someone’s name tattooed on your body you will probably end up regretting it at some point in your life. Especially if you are already married to them after less than a year of even knowing them.


Their wedding had an upside down cake which I just can’t even begin to comprehend and Kaley wore a pink dress. I feel like Kaley Cuoco was just feeling like she is starting to get old and she needed to bag a young man. Kaley, you are hot, at least get someone a little hotter than this dude.

My final reason is that Ryan literally always looks unhappy, always, in 98 percent of the pictures that they take together he looks like he wanted to stab himself right in the neck. Then there is Kaley who is just smiling her ass off, it really makes you wonder.

So I give this marriage a year tops, Kaley will probably get pregnant and if she does I can see him sticking around until the baby is born, then they will divorce. 50 bucks on the line for this one!

Rihanna Can’t Keep Her Clothes On


If you follow Rihanna on Twitter or Instagram you will realize how much this woman hates clothing! She thinks clothes are lame and she feels as though being naked is no big deal. Truthfully being naked is beautiful, being comfortable in your own skin is incredible but in American it is frowned upon. Good thing Rihanna is living it up in Brazil! Naked for days! She doesn’t give two fucks who sees it either, just celebrating her killer body.

Brazil seems to be the spot where celebrities get real wild though right? Bieber and his orgies, Rihanna and having no clothing. I need to go to Brazil!

Rihanna is starting to become that famous person who doesn’t even need to sing to stay relevant. I mean she hasn’t come out with a new album in a while and her last album in my humble opinion sucked. Maybe she is just trying to absorb any kind of inspiration through every pore in her body, so she needs to be naked? Yeah. I will go with that.

Anyway here are some more nearly naked pictures to celebrate Rihanna’s banging body.

ImageTruthfully though if I had a body like that and a cool Caribbean accent I would never wear clothing, ever!