Kathy Griffin Fired From CNN After Controversial Trump Photo

Listen, if you haven’t seen the photo of Kathy holding Trump’s head, just go and Google it, I am not going to post it here.

In my opinion, Kathy Griffin absolutely went too far by posting this photo, but that’s what comedians do. They are known for pushing the limits and all of that shit.

Trump took to Twitter to call Kathy disgusting or whatever, but he had no issue supporting Ted Nugent when Ted said Obama should be killed.

It’s all a lot of hypocrisy.

CNN even dropped her from their New Year’s Eve telecast that she has been on since 2007.

Was it wrong posing a photo like that? Absolutely.

I am still a fan of Kathy, I stand by the comedic legend.

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Usher Posts Nearly Naked Picture

Have mercy! That is all that I can say about this photo. Oh my God. Usher! This morning I was casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and this photo popped up. My jaw hit the ground.

Usher. Usher is only getting better with age and I am so in love with this photo. Obviously Usher has been super hot since the 90’s but I feel like he has never stripped down this much. I mean, he has always shown off his abs, arms, but this? This is just, wow.

God bless Usher and thank you for sharing this photo.

I need a moment.

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Liam Hemsworth Posts Hilariously Awkward #TBT Photo With Miley Cyrus


How adorable is this? This photo is obviously from The Last Song  when Miley Cyrus was just a young seemingly innocent starlet, and Liam Hemsworth was an unknown hottie. That’s right, nobody was aware of the Hemsworth brothers six year ago. Well no one in the United States at least. Thankfully we have all been introduced now and they are two of the hottest actors out there.

I am so happy that Liam and Miley found their way back to each other. Now they just need to go and get married, have some kids to add to their clan of dogs. Such an odd pairing that just makes sense, it’s beautiful really.

Shout to to Liam for using a shirtless photo though, I am sure there were a million he could have used but he went with a shirtless one. It’s much appreciated and not unnoticed Liam.

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Drake Makes Shania Twain His #WCW On A Monday

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My WCW even though it's Monday. Shania. 🌹✅😍

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This may be my all time favorite post I have ever written, and I have written well over 1,500 on this site. I mean this just makes me smile. Shania Twain and Drake hanging out backstage, does it get any better than that? Can you imagine if Shania and Drake had a song together? That would be something incredible.

See this is why it is sometimes hard for me to take Drake seriously in his songs. Sometimes he acts hard but like, here he is just loving Shania Twain. Obviously she is beautiful and extremely talented but I wouldn’t lump these two together. Although, they are both Canadian so they do have something in common.

Drake totally listened to “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”, before he goes out to the strip club with his boys, no question in my mind.

Ugh, I can’t get over how excited Drake looks, it’s so adorable.

I hope that there is footage of Shania dancing to “Hot Line Bling”, I need that footage now!

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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Photo Of Jay Z & Beyonce

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to take a good mirror selfie and your beautiful wife gets in the way? So does Jay Z.

This picture is absolute perfection. Beyonce is standing there, looking beautiful as ever and it looks like she is blocking Jay Z’s chance to take the perfect MySpace like selfie.

It’s clear that he was trying to take a picture of his wife but I mean, you look fly too, you need to get in on that picture somehow.

Jay Z the king of sneaky mirror selfies.

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Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Meet & Greets At Every ‘Rival’ Tour Stop

Now I know that I was a bit harsh on Selena yesterday since she was caught snuggling with Olrando Bloom who is definitely dating Katy Perry. That is just something that shouldn’t be done for both parties. Of course I am not one to just blame the girl, Orlando is an absolute dog for what he did.

Anyway! Let me say that I do have to respect Selena for how much she does for her fans. Especially since Bieber is now refusing to even take photos with fans. It’s nice that some young stars do actually still care about their fans.

Selena of course does meet and greets before the show, like most singers do. Fans pay to meet them, they take photos, usually have a mini sound check, that type of thing, sometimes a question and answer. Just a real close experience with the singer, something the fan wont forget.

Not only is Selena doing that though, she is having her crew go through the nosebleeds to pick out 40 people who can’t afford VIP experiences and then she meets with those 40 people after the show. So after she performs her heart out she meets even more fans, that’s not all though! After the meet and greet, the show, the post show meet and greet, she then meets with fans that hang around her tour bus.

That is how it is done, that is how fans should be treated. Glad to see that even though you dated Bieber forever, you aren’t a total asshole to fans like he is.

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Carrie Underwood Decides To Start Presidency Run

I’d like to announce my candidacy…this is my campaign team…pretty sure we’ve got this in the bag! 👍🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I think it is rather obviously that this is a joke but I wish it wasn’t a joke. At this point I would vote for Carrie over anyone who is actually in the race to be president.

Also I know that Carrie is classy and most likely would never throw shade but I am hoping that whole got it in the bag saying she added at the end is because she actually would win at this point.

Carrie for president 2016!

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Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Nude In New Instagram Post

No, That Naked Picture Is Not Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Body| Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Oh Kim, we can tell that you are not liking all of the attention that your husband Kanye is getting, so you need to get in on it as well. She did this before when she was pregnant and her little sister Kylie was getting all of the attention.

When other members of her family start to get attention, Kim is not a fan of it. She always needs to be the one being talked about when in reality she is starting to fade out. Kim I am sorry to tell you that your husband’s crazy rants and your sister’s crazy lips are overshadowing you to the max.

In case you were wondering she caption the photo “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”

I would like to suggest other captions like,

“When your husband gets more attention than you do.”

“Don’t forget about me now that I have two kids”

“This is how I got famous to begin with.”

“Kylie stole my everything.”

or my personal favorite.

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

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Zac Efron Posts Photo Of ‘Baywatch’ Training

God bless the fact that Zac Efron has taken over his social media accounts because his posts are just getting better. I am glad that Zac is taking his training seriously, I also hope that he takes more photos to prove that he is taking his training seriously.

Next Zac I would like a shirtless picture just so we can all know that his eight pack is staying nice and intact. Alright Zac? I need proof.

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Louis Tomlinson Shares Photo With Son To The World


Louis Tomlinson decided to share a photo of his little man for the whole world to see. He also shared the little guys name, Freddie. How sweet is that?

This photo is absolutely adorable, that is all that I can say. There are people who are speculating that Louis isn’t the real father, he is insisting on getting a paternity test, but it looks to me like he is going to be a great dad and doesn’t have any doubts about whether Freddie is his or not.

My guess is that Louis posted this to get the paparazzi to back off a little bit.

Congratulations to Louis on becoming a father.

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