Blac Chyna Explains Why She Gave Out Rob Kardashian’s Number On Twitter

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are seriously so crazy, I can’t get enough. I have never watched their show but I assume it is just a big ol’ mess. Of course it is probably the two of them that are selling stories to the media and taking control of their own PR life, and guess what? It gives me life!

Last night Chyna took a note from Rob’s book and decided to put his number up on twitter like he did to Kylie earlier this week.

By the way, after Rob leaked Kylie’s number people started to say that Rob was no longer leaving his house again, that he and black were over. At this point it is pretty clear that it was the Kardashian’s who were telling the press this info, to make themselves look better.

Well Chyna and Rob took to Instagram to explain why she gave out Rob’s number.

The two are absolutely insane, I hope they make it.

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