Peter Gallagher Joins NBC’s ‘Cruel Intentions’ Reboot

Okay, okay. So far I am a fan of the lineup that NBC is putting together so bring this show back. Of course I am a bit weary of it considering how iconic ‘Cruel Intentions’ was but hey, they are bringing back Sandy Cohen! Any time Sandy Cohen is in anything, it is usually good. I mean those eyebrows are full of talent!

For real though, I was like 12 and had a crush on Sandy Cohen that I never understood. Being well, older now, I still have a crush on him and understand it a little bit better. Those brows of fury, those blue eyes, I mean how can you not love it?

So far all that we know is that Peter will be playing the father of Sebastian. He is a crude businessman but other than that, we don’t know much.

So far we know that at least one original character will be reprising their role, God bless Sarah Michelle Gellar for that one! Some people are angry that Reese has yet to join. I mean I would love to see her come back but let’s be real, I feel like chances on that are slim to none. Of course we wont get Ryan because he died in the movie, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it.

That’s what we know so far! Will you be watching?

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