Ed Sheeran Drops “Perfect” Remix Featuring Beyonce

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Do you ever hear a song and just think, why?

That is kind of how I feel about this Ed Sheeran and Beyonce remix. I genuinely don’t think that Beyonce brings anything to this song.

Listen, I get it, everyone loves Beyonce. Everyone wants to be Beyonce and I can’t blame them. This song just doesn’t get better adding her voice to it.

Truly, it is that simple.

This song is boring. I get that it is a love song, Ed sounds great, Beyonce sounds great, together I just get an astounding “meh”.

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Music Monday : “Perfect” (Cover) – Leroy Sanchez

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Well, I was going to call it quits on Music Monday this week then I stumbled upon a cover of Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” by Leroy Sanchez.

Oh my God, Leroy has the absolute voice of an angel and there is no other way to put it. This singer has a ton of covers up on YouTube and I am trying to figure out how he hasn’t blown up yet! His voice is truly out of this world.

According to his Facebook page, Leroy is signed to Rebel Rock label and working on his first album.

So I suggest following Leroy on Twitter and remembering where you first heard of him!

Hopefully we hear this guy on the radio soon, his voice would definitely be refreshing.

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Mean Girls Jewlery Line is SO FETCH


Mean Girls is one of the best cinematic master pieces of all time, it truly is. This movie shows how girls really act towards each other and guess what, it usually isn’t very nice. ‘Mean Girls’ will be turning 10 in April, it is growing up so fast, I know! Apparently though a company called Stella and Bow (http://stellaandbow.com/mean-girls-presale/) decided to make a dream come true for huge Mean Girl fans! Nothing like some bracelets and hair clips to celebrate your favorite movie of all time!

“Fetch’ is probably one of the best words that came out of this entire movie. It is absolutely hilarious to me that this moment is still so relevant too. This perfect work of art should be framed in a bullet proof case and sent to the Smithsonian Museum because we all know that this movie will go down in history!

Because of this movie I have learned new ways of comedy and I still use their saying on a day to day basis. If you are a super fan of Mean Girls like me you will throw down some cash and buy some of these beautiful works of art!

If anyone is curious I would love some of these. Stella and Bow you hear that? If you send me free bracelets I will wear them for the rest of my life!


Get it because on Wednesdays they wear pink?! So perfect!