Keke Palmer Wears Leonardo DiCaprio Inspired Pants


On Friday Keke Palmer stepped out wearing a seriously awesome outfit. Considering it was only like 5 degrees out and she still wanted to show off her TLC ‘No Scrubs’ inspired leather outfit, I respect it.

Know what I respect more though?

I respect the fact that she put photos of Leonardo DiCaprio on her pants. Of course they were probably there when she got it but that doesn’t matter. Having Leo’s face on any kind of clothing is a pretty serious statement.

For the record, all of these Leo faces are from his role as Romeo in the 90’s remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ . It was a super weird take on the story but I recommend it.

I have one word for Keke though, slay.

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Look back at eet ๐Ÿ‘…

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People Hate Cam Newton’s Pants

The internet hates Cam Newton‘s pants. Well people either really hate them or really love them, it is mostly hate though. In case you weer wondering the pants are made by Versace and they go for $849. I guess when you have a ton of money you might as well buy some stupid pants to psych out your opponent, right? Obviously Peyton Manning could never pull off pants like this!

To me a crazy look means confidence and Cam has a lot of it, I know that much.

I am going to say with these pants, the Panthers can’t lose the Super Bowl.

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