Ten Songs To Prove That We Need To Appreciate O-Town !

Before One Direction were put together on a reality television show, there was O-Town. The band was put together by Lou Pearlman, the guy who found Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC , no big deal or anything.

Anyway, Lou put together the show ‘Making The Band’, where he found five good looking guys who looked the part, could dance, and could sing in perfect harmony.

It was there that the band O-Town was put together.

I feel like over the years people only really focus on Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC when it comes to the 90’s and early 2000’s. Yes, they were definitely the two dominant ones but I think that both 98 Degrees and O-Town have been looked over.

Now, I have already talked about why 98 degrees should have been more appreciated, but now it is time to appreciate O-Town. Clearly I am passionate about my boy bands, judge away, but you know you love them too!

O-Town has made a big comeback too, Ashley Parker Angel decided not to join them but they are still selling out all of their shows.

For the record, my reasons are songs because I genuinely believe that their vocals should be more appreciated!

10. Sexiest Woman Alive

9. Baby I Would

8. Lines and Circles

7. Chasin’ After You

6. We Fit Together

5. Every Six Seconds

4. Skydive

3. These Are The Days

2. Liquid Dreams

1.All of Nothing

So there you have it, there are ten songs why we should appreciate O-Town more. They deserve more recognition!

They made their mark on the boy band world, put some respect on their name.

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10 Reasons To Follow Ashley Parker Angel On Instagram

Everyone remembers Ashley Parker Angel, right? He was a part of the boy band O-Town and then ended up going solo and having a short lived show on MTV? Yeah, that guy.

Well fun fact is that he is an absolute babe now. I mean back in the day he definitely had a lot going for him. He had those blue eyes, the blonde hair, a jawline that wouldn’t quit. He basically took over the heartthrob role in the group, a very important role in the early 2000’s boyband era.

Well Ashley is still an absolute babe believe it or not. I was checking out his Instagram not long ago and let me just tell you one thing. He is perfection. Now he didnt join O-Town for their reunion tour and he said it was because he was trying to be a model. I had to check it out and well, modeling looks good on him.

Here are 10 reasons why you should follow this former boyband heartthrob to adult beef cake.



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Can't wait for selfie driving cars 🚘

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Any requests?😀 #throwbackthursday #tbt

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If those don’t convince you, go and check out his Instagram ashley_parker_angel and you will thank me.

God bless boy band members that are forever sexy.

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Ashley Parker Angel Posts His Top 9 Photos Of 2015

If you don’t know who Ashley Parker Angel is that’s okay. Just think of him basically being the Harry Styles of a former boyband O-Town. Well O-Town is back, but Ashley decided not to join.

I just wanted to post this because oh my god he is beyond gorgeous. I mean really. He is just getting better with age and nothing makes sense. I might be in love with him, no I am absolutely in love with him.

Bless this post.

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Watch Nick Carter Pay Tribute To The Backstreet Boys On Dancing With The Stars!

Sharna Burgess Nick Carter, Dancing with the Stars

So much good Backstreet Boys news today! I mean between Nick Carter paying tribute to the band last night and Aj releasing a solo song it’s been a great day! An absolutely perfect day for a life long Backstreet Boy fan.

Alright, time to get out of my little haze of happiness and report for you good people!

I mean I don’t even think it is fair that Nick dances to a BSB song because how can anyone top that? Just kidding, Bindi Irwin did but that is neither here nor there! Nick Carter is bringing back the Backstreet Boys in a big way I can’t wait! Maybe they can make a huge comeback and then I won’t be the only one to really appreciate the music of the Gods.

I love the opening too. If you watched the Backstreet Boys documentary, which I truly reccommend, you know that Nick’s life wasn’t that perfect. Well until he joined the most successful boyband of all time. Still though, he gets all emotional and it is adorable.

Check it out below!

Also look who was there to support Nick in the crowd last night.

What a weird time to be alive. Just O-Town, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Joey Fatone of *NSYNC, and my boy AJ from BSB hanging out supporting Nick Carter. I love it.

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